Memories..... Do Not Open Part 1.

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I closed the door and put my head against it taking a deep breathe and trying to keep my tears in and ended up failing. I heard a knock on the door making me sniff and clear my throat.

Y/n:"Go away"I said making the other person sigh.

Kendall:"Y/n/ up"She said softly making tears escape more"please"She said making me unlock the door and open it slowly. She looked at me and frowned making me bit my lip and hold back my tears"Y/n"She said pulling me in a hug making me hug her back and put my face in her neck letting out my soft cries.

Y/n:"I'm so confused Kenny"I said making her rub my back and hug me back tighter. She closed the door and pulled me in for a other hug making me wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer to me.

Kendall:"Shush...."She said trying to clam me down which was working a little. I know what the girls did to me and yes I know I shouldn't be doing this right now but I needed it. I needed them.

Y/n:"I'm s-so confused Kenny"I between sobs making her kiss the side of my head and rub circles on my back.

Kendall:"Y/n you're just upset....I know it hurts and we're sorry...I'm sorry we didn't tell you"She said making me stop my sobs and listen"We wanted to tell you but Hailey begged us not to cause she wanted to talk to you"She said pulling away cupping my face"Can you let me explain?"She asked making me nod.

Y/n:"Okay"I said sitting down on my couch and looking at her. She sat down next to me and sighed.

Kendall:"The night at the gala....Hailey was upset that you weren't there so we gave her a few drinks and loosened her up a little. We were busy having fun until we saw Justin. He came up to her and asked to talk to her...we were all sceptical about it but didn't say anything cause Hailey said she would be fine"She said looking at me and grabbing my hand"It was getting a little so we tried looking for Hailey only to see a text from her saying that she went home...with Justin"She said making my heart break a little more"We all went to her place and and practically yelled at her. She said that he changed and she wanted to give it a shot making us all just yell at her more. She begged us to keep it from you Y/n that's why we didn't want to see you.....I hate keeping things from you...we all do and the thought of not being able to see you or talk to you hurts us more"She said frowning"I'm sorry"She said making me sigh and hug her.

Y/n:"Ken....You know how much I trusted you girls"I said making her nod and pull away cupping my cheeks.

Kendall:"Y/n we're sorry.....We're family Y/n and not having you around is horrible Y/n. I miss you. We miss you"She said making me look at her and then at the ground.

Y/n:"I want time...."I said looking back up at her. She looked at me and nodded. She got up from the couch and looked back at me.

Kendall:"Bye Y/n"She said exiting the room. I sighed and woke up changing into some new clothes and grabbed a bottle of water and walked out. I saw everyone talking and then stop once I walked in.

Y/n:"Please don't stop on my account"I said drinking some water making them look at each other and then at Hailey"Can we go somewhere....anywhere?"I asked making them look at each other and nod.

Abel:"Uh sure"He said looking at the girls.

Y/n:"They can come if they want to...."I said making them all nod. I was walking in front of everyone till I saw Kim walk with me. She tugged my sleeve like a child and looked up at me making me chuckle in amusement.

Kim:"Why are you laughing?"She asked making me shake my head and throw my arms around her shoulders.

Y/n:"You look cute is all....I'm sorry for being so distant lately"I said looking at her"I didn't mean to but I couldn't deal with anything at the time.....but I need you guys...more then I care to admit"I said making her smile and pinch my cheeks.

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