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' the photo above is how you look like '


Reader's P.O.V
' ugh, what's that noise? ' Y/N sat up while rubbing her sleepy eyes ' oh right... My alarm clock, hmmm what time is it? *while looking at the clock* oh...10a.m.... *realized and panicked* what?! 10a.m?! God damn it why did I sleep so much?! I'm gonna be late I have to go to B/N house, it's his birthday gosh what kind of girlfriend I am?!

*beep* *beep* *beep* ( phone call )
Y/N : hello?

B/N : hello babe, sorry but I won't be home this morning I have to run some errands for my parents, I'll be busy until

Y/N : oh okay, then I'll just come later then, so we can celebrate your birthday with you

B/N : absolutely babe, bye!

Y/N : bye! Lo- *beep* *beep* *beep* ( phone call ends )

' that was weird, he never cuts me off like that, oh well I guess I'll just train with my new fighting technique ', I get up from my bed and head towards the bathroom and start my morning routines, and put on my training outfit, once finished I went to the kitchen and had breakfast, then I head to an open field and start training. I create a sword with ice, yes I have a power to control ice and create any kinds of weapons, as I do so the snowflake tattoo on my left palm glow a soft blue * A/N : the sword is made of ice, but it's stronger than iron *

Time-skip after training

*huff* *huff* ' that was really tiring, but it was worth it, I can feel myself getting better ' Y/N lied breathless on the ground *stomach growl* ' wow, I guess all that training made me really hungry ', I get up from the ground and went to a cafe, * doorbell rings *, waitress " hello, welcome to C/N ( cafe name ), this way please ", Y/N " thank you ", walked to the table by the window and sit down. Waitress " may I have your order please? ", Y/N " ah yes, can I have some F/N ( favorite food ), waitress " right away miss ".

*a few moments later*
Waitress " here you go miss, please enjoy! ", Y/N " thank you, oh.. Here for you *give the waitress some tips*, waitress " thank you miss ( take the tips and leave )", I eat my meal in silence and enjoy the scent of the cafe, I took a glance outside the cafe, but what I saw brought tears to my eyes, ' it's B/N!!! What is he doing with that girl?! He's kissing her?!, I quickly got up and pay for my meal and run outside, Y/N " B/N!!!! ", he turns around and saw me, he rolls his eyes at me " oh hey Y/N, what's up? " he reply boredly, Y/N " I thought you're running errand, but why are you here with her?! ", B/N " so? What's wrong with that, am I not allowed to hang out with my girlfriend?", that brought tears to my eyes " g-g-girlfriend? B-b-but I'm- " he cuts me of " oh zip it Y/N, I'm tired of pretending now, so I'm just gonna tell you the truth ( he took a step closer to me ), I don't love you, I never was, I'm just using you, now I'm bored so goodbye" With that he left me with her. I collapse on my knees and cries ignoring the stares I get from the people around me, until I feel the stares is too much I got up and run home.

*at home*

Once I reached I went straight to my room. In my room I flopped myself to my bed and cry ' how could he do this to me? I gave him all, my heart, my attention, everything and this is how he repay me? Leaving me for another girl?', I got up from my bed and look at the picture of me and B/N, I cried more, after a few minutes of crying, I decided to throw them away its no use crying over what's gone, what's gone is gone, even though its hurt I have to move on. I burn all the picture ' I won't let my self fall for anyone anymore, I shall build a barrier around me to prevent myself from getting hurt again ' then I look at a picture of my mom and cried ' my mom died committing suicide because dad leaves her and he doesn't care about me, so I lived with my grandma, G/m/N ( grandma name)', since then I fear of falling in love because of all the pain it caused me. But that didn't stop me on being my cheerful self.

* to be continue *

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