Draco Malfoy x Amia Granger

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"Granger!" Amia heard a certain someone call her. She turned her head and beamed at her boyfriend, Draco Malfoy.

"Hey, what's up?" she asked, standing up from the ground, dusting off her jeans. Draco came over to her and kissed her on her forehead. You wouldn't believe how sweet Draco was to Amia. 

"I got picked to be on the Inquisitorial Squad!" he beamed, clearly proud. Amia cocked her head.

"Inquisitorial Squad? You mean that group of bullies who are just going to boss people around?" she asked, clearly annoyed. She didn't like that kind of stuff. Amia is a smart girl. She will not stand people bullying his friends.

"Oh my Merlin, don't start with this, Amia. Can't you just be happy for me?" Draco asked, rolling his eyes. Amia didn't really like this attitude Draco had, but she couldn't speak up. She just hold tight to her book she was reading and looked down. Okay, Draco and Amia had been together for some time now, so Draco knew  instantly what had happened. 

"Amia, don't shut out on me, now. Talk to me. I get that you don't like the fact that I was chosen for this job, but you just have to give me this." he said and lifted Amia's face gently. Amia smiled.

"You're right, it was selfish of me to start whine about that. I'm sorry." Amia gave in, because she knew that if she tried to continue on with the subject, she would start crying and Draco would be mad and she doesn't like that. 

"Huh, you're a handful one, aren't you." Draco said and stood up straight. Amia was very sensitive, so this kinda hit home for her. She looked back down, this time Draco didn't notice Amia closing back up again. 

"So, what does the Inquisitorial Squad exactly do?" Amia asked. Of course she knew what it did, but sometimes Draco needed his moments. And just like that Draco started to ant about what the squad did. Amia didn't really listen that much. She just admired Draco's face. 

"Amia, are you listening to me?" Draco suddenly asked her. Amia quickly shook herself awake.

"Yes, darling. Do go on." she smiled.

- later that day -

Amia had just finished eating dinner, and she was walking along a hallway. She suddenly stopped on her tracks. She saw Draco, once again, annoying the Golden Trio, which Amia didn't really like. She stood quiet, and listened.

"Weasley... your shirt's untucked, so I'll have another five for that... Oh yeah, I forgot, you're a Mudblood, Granger, so ten for that." she heard Draco said. Amia walked over to Draco, before he could piss off the three of them more. Ron was just about to say something, before Amia spoke up.

"Draco, love, come on, let's go." she said, almost whispered. Hermione smiled at her, knowing that she only wanted to help them. Ron and Harry were out cold.

"Can't you wait, Amia? I'm clearly in the middle of something." he said, not really caring at all. Amia noticed this. She didn't really want to continue pursuing him, but she felt really bad for Harry, Ron and Hermione. Amia tugged on Draco's sleeve.

"Draco, please. Leave them alone." she asked, blinking her black eyes at Draco. Draco huffed.

"You are acting like such a child! Stop tugging on my sleeve." he borderline yelled at her. Amia was a bit taken back, and so it seemed like so was everyone else too. "I am just doing my job. These three were not following the rule's, so I had to do my duty." he said very matter of factly, acting a bit nicer to the three, now that Amia was present. Now it was Amia's turn to huff.

"Were not following the orders? I bet, that they were just doing their own thing, until you decided to come and bully them! Draco, you can't use your position to harass them!" Amia had her protective side take over for a second there. Everyone was amazed, even Amia. She's usually so shy and sensitive, and this outburst was new. 

"Excuse me?" Draco said, clearly mad that she would accuse him of such thing (what he clearly does). "How dare you say that? You're such a small pathetic thing yourself, you are in no place to accuse me of that!" he burst out, towering over Amia. Now, Amia is 5'2 feet tall. Draco is much taller. So you would understand why Amia was terrified. Tears were once again daring to fall.

Amia decided to give up. Draco would never listen to her. Amia walked past the group of her fellow pupils, heading towards the Ravenclaw common room. No one said a word as she pushed her way. Draco stared at her back for a few seconds, until she disappeared out of sight. 

The Golden Trio walked away in pure disgust. They were mumbling quietly as they walked. Draco didn't even bother to go after them. 

"Fuck..." he said quietly as he ran his hand through his hair. He looked at his fellow squad members. "Do you think I went too far?" he asked them. They just shrugged their shoulder, not really knowing what to say. Draco sighed and decided to let it be. She would forget that he even said that the next day.

- the next week -

Draco hasn't talked to Amia in five days. He screwed up, and he knew that. He didn't catch her during dinner, nor breakfast. He was honestly getting kinda worried, but did he show that? Heck no.

Amia hadn't been exactly avoiding Draco. They just hadn't crossed paths during these five days, lucky for her. 

She was hurt. Of course they have had fights before, but Draco had never insulted her directly. He knew damn well that Amia was a sensitive person. And whenever they fought Amia always let it be. She hated fighting. But this time she wasn't going to back away. Draco had to learn to apologize. 

Amia was walking along to eat breakfast, Draco running around her mind. Amia hadn't been exactly devastated. She had been sad that her connections with Draco had withered. She did know that it would neither die or bloom back to life. She hoped for the latter. 

After breakfast she headed to her first class. As she was walking she saw Draco supposedly waiting for someone, at least that's what she thought he looked like. Draco's head perked up as he heard Amia's nearing footsteps. He sent her a timid smile. Amia smiled back, not going to pretend that she wasn't happy to see him. 

"Hey..." Draco said, not really knowing how to start this conversation. Amia responded with a hello, feeling just as awkward as Draco.



3 seconds of silence, until Draco decided to brake it.

"I'm sorry." he said, rubbing the back of his neck. Amia smiled, feeling surprisingly proud of him. "I shouldn't have talked to you like that. I-I... You were right. I might have used my authority to 'bully' them. I'm sorry." he uttered out. Amia couldn't stop smiling.

"It's okay." Amia said, wrapping her arms around Draco's torso. Draco hugged Amia back just a heartbeat too late. They shared this moment for a few seconds. Amia parted from him, gazing at his face and his beautiful almost white blond hair, that she had missed so much during these five days. 

"You should go to class. I don't want you to get in trouble." Draco said, petting Amia's straight black hair. Amia nodded. She pecked Draco's lips, lingering a few seconds longer than normal. 

"I'll see you later?" Draco asked, actually not sure if she had totally forgiven him. Amia giggled, finding it funny how Draco, someone so proud was so helpless at her feet. 

"Of course." she said and walked off. 


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