Relationship Goals - Sebastian Vettel

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Free week..
Holy free week, which means, Seb will be with his favourite girl the entire day.
And her favourite part is staying in their bed cuddling his German ass while he watches TV.

"Hmm.. it is Saturday Yet!" Her sleepy voice sounds so drunk that makes the German laugh at her.

"It's Monday." He says after looking at her carefully.

"Ah, I'm not wearing blue until tomorrow!" He chuckles

"I didn't know you wore blue. I thought you only wore black to match your soul." He says making her slap him.

"And I thought you only wore ugly to match your small dick and bring out your ass face."

"Hashtag relationship goals, awwn I love you!"

"Shut up!" She slap his abbs making him laugh harder. "So, what did I miss when I was sleeping?"

"This Dick!" He chuckle.

"Oh Thank God! I thought I missed something big!" She laughs rolling her eyes what makes him put his body above hers making her laugh at him.

"Motherf#cker savage girlfriend!" He smiles and kisses her neck. "I'm hungry like balls." He says making her frown.

"What do you want to eat?"

"Well I'm hungry for you and that amazing salad you do, but seriously you fill me better, and then I'm not going to the Gym."

"Yes baby, but you can also cook, don't you?" She asks making him roll his eyes.

"Yes, better than you!"

"What? No!" She laughs at his audacity.


"Okay then, what can you make?"

"You cum!" He smirks. "Ops I mean, brain autocorrect again!" He drags himself out of the bed and leaves the room while Y/N laughed.

More than 15 minutes passed and Sebastian had not come back to their room. So Y/N slowly got up and walked to the kitchen when the man was playing candy crush on his phone.

"I'm eating salad!" He sings making her laugh.

"That's my second  favourite thing to put in my mouth!"

"And what's the first?" He smirked looking at her making her eyes wider.

"The bible, the bible words. Amen!" He laughs harder making the lady flush. 

"Stop playing with my feelings cause you're lying!" He shakes his head. "Ich Liebe dich!" He smiles purely.

"Oh don't don't come up with that angelic smile of yours, you got me horny, now time to Fuck the bibiti bobiti boo out of me, I mean... stupid autocorrect!" She says making the man choke and laugh at his girlfriend. "I mean... I love you more my life." She says says smiling while Sebastian shakes his head.

"Hands down to you. But I'll still gonna be Dora the explorer between your legs today!" She stumbles on the stairs with the German's statements making her laugh again, but her smile changed when she realized what was going to happen.

"Are you kidding me?" She laughs getting upstairs. "Dora the Explorer! Hashtag relationship goals!"  She smiles at him and he blows a kiss at her. "I seriously love you!"

"And I live you idiot!" He says making the girl smile.

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