African Love-Chapter 5

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Here's the fifth part enjoy!

Chapter 5

It was only my first day. Was I really that popular. Wow, this school is SWEET!

The drive home was quiet. Tristan tried starting a conversation then stopped the car.

"Hey! what are you doing?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"You just did, now start the car"

He moved around in his seat and just sat there waiting.

"Ok, but make it fast I have speech to grow to" letting my African side show

He looked at me very annoyed. Why was he annoyed I'm the one who should be annoyed.

"Stop pronouncing things wrong it's annoying"

"I'm sorry I'm not from America!. What's your stupid question!"

"Why are you here.."


"I mean why are you living with me and my family?"

"They adopted me duh!"

"But your almost eighteen"


"And! That's weird you should have your own place and move out of my house"

"Umm...Harsh much I'm only 17!"


"Well I didn't ask for my life. Nor did I ask to live with you. Maybe you should ask one of your parents now should you!"

"Just leave!. I don't need another annoying sibling!"

"I can't!, That would be rude!"

We yelled at each other for a long time. I was starting to think people were listening

"No, It wouldn't. Just re-pack your bags and go"

"What is your problem with me!. Did I do something to make you hate me?"


"What is it!"


"I'm waiting!" I said frustrated


We drove up to the house and I walked in first going to get my things for my speech class.

"Hey, how was you guys' drive" Valarie said

OK so this chapter is a little short because I didn't know what else to write. So I will make the next one a little longer!


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