Chapter 3

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A/n please re-read this chapter I did some heavy editing. Please read! (7/29/17)
Wake up to my alarm clock blaring incoherent music and light coming through my blinds. I through my pillow at it and nothing. Grrrrrrr... As you may be able to tell I'm not the biggest morning person or night person or any time of day person. I mean in my defense I am running from a psychopath.

God what did I ever do in my life to deserve this. Maybe I messed up in a past life.  The stupid past always chasing the present it feels like I can never get away. It's almost as bad as... no your not going to think about this not now, not ever.

I know you probably think I'm nutzo crazy. But I'm not! Okay I do talk to myself a lot but I didn't really have because of.... no no no stop it! No more! Shut up brain! So I talk to myself because I've learned IM the ONLY one I can trust.

Suddenly my thoughts are interrupted by Nicole when she yells "Makeover time".

Ugh, I feel like I'm in some dumb cliche teenage movie. Who the hell makes movies and books about that dumb shit.

I shove my covers away and leave my blanket burrito home to the cold
cruel world. Why?

I walked down the old but new creeky steps. I see Nicole in the kitchen with donuts on the island. Great she doesn't know how to cook. Huh I'm going to get so fat here. That reminds me to work out after.

Nicole has a sick smile on her face that screams a day of torture. I walked down with a brace face knowing how today is going to go. Please let the floor boards open and the earth eat me alive.

"Hey honey I made some breakfast" Nicole said in her fake tone. God, it sickens me.

"Thanks Nicole, it looks amazing."

"Honey after you eat get dressed you have a hair appointment at 11 and we must not be late."

Oh great they're going to change my hair too. My first name now my hair. I'm going to kill that murderer!

I scarfed down the donuts and mumble a quick thanks, then go back upstairs.

I open my suitcase, 'What do I even wear to a place where they're going to take away all my originality?' I settle for a plain gray jumper and some black leggings. I pair of them with some gray slip on converse. My hair goes up in a basic ponytail because they are going mangle it anyway.

It only took me about five minutes to get ready, but before I can open my door to leave I hear Nicole yell "Bella come on, we're going to be late."

I answer but not before cringing at the name. Like seriously why can't they call me Anna.

"Ok I am coming." She irks me so much. Did I mention I hate fake people? They are all like hi how are you when they are really thinking by bitch. Like if it was me I would be nothing, I wouldn't say anything. Because sometimes in like you have to be the bigger person.
The hair salon took about five minutes to reach. I step into hell, opps I mean the hair salon, where Satan opps again Sally confirm my appointment.

"Hi, how are you today?" Yup freaking people another fake bitch. Today just keeps getting better and better. Note the sarcasm.

I just want to go to the beach, enjoy the ocean, run and sing.
I love singing. I do it all the time. I sing in the shower, in my sleep. If I could I would spend every single second of every single day singing. It's the thing that kept me company when there was no one around.

While I was reminiscing about singing something I haven't done since that night, I heard Sally say," I'm thinking we add extensions and lighten her up." That's honestly not such a bad idea I thought they would do something more drastic.

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