Chapter 13 (Rated R)

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*Shalaya walks in with Ray still making out untill they get upstairs to Ray Ray's room*

Shalaya- wait you got some uhh. stuff?

Ray- yea*flashes her a condom

Shalaya- wait brb

Ray- ugghh fine.. but hurry up! im horny as heellll

Shalaya- LOL dont worry babe its worth it

*Shalaya goes in the bathroom and puts on (outfit in the comments) and sprays Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction perfume then goes back in the room and strikes a pose*

Ray- whoooo DAMN! lemme eat that shit now!

Shalaya- uh-uh you gotta work for this *starts popping her booty right in front of his face, smashes her cuchi in his face, gives him a lap dance, and plays with his boner*

Ray- oh shit shit shit shit shitttt

Shalaya- whats wrong baby?

Ray- hmm lemme think. u just shoved your wet pussy in my face and keep teasing me and EXCEPT ME TO BE OK!?!

Shalaya- fine lets speed this thing up*goes over and put her Ipod on the dock and puts on No Bullshit by Chris Brown And walk over to him*

Ray- *is kissing up and down her body. (not missiong a spot... Trailing kisses around her bellbutton ring)

then finally makes his way down and is kissing up and down her thighs. he finally reaches her pussy and slides her panties off with his teeth and starts eating her out.. Shalaya starts moaning really hard and pushing his down further..he ges up and kisses her on the lips one last time*

Ray Ray- your pussy tastes sweet

Shalaya- mhhmm *dazed from just being eaten out*

Ray- are you sure you ready? U still a V?

Shalaya- yes I'm still a V ray.. are you?Do you have any disesases cuz i swear to god if i get a disease then-(gco)

Ray- calm doen baby.. you are my 3rd and i have no diseases..promise..perfectley healthy

Shalaya- okay. fine i beleive you. Now i'm ready so stick that thing inside me?

Ray-*slides on the condom and then smirks* you want the dick dont u?

Shalaya- yes Randy

Ray- goes in slowly

Shalaya- whoo! slow down

Ray- haha i was

Shalaya- ok continue..

Ray- *goes a little deeeper*

Shalaya- ouch ouch ouch fuuucckk

Ray-*kisses her to kepp her quiet* shh it'll get better promise*goes in all the way*

Shalay- ok that wasn't so bad...ggo forreal now im ready...

Ray- okaayy 

Ray slids himself inside her and starts thrusting in and out of her slowly.

Shalaya- (( gripping onto the sheets )) ohh ! bae !

Ray starts going alittle faster but still being gentle.

Liyah- fuck you doing ! Stop teasing !

*Ray chuckles and takes himself out of her.*

Shalaya- (( yelling )) Fuck You Doing ?

*Ray pecks her on the lips and sticks himself back inside her.*

Shalaya- (( moaning )) give it to me baby, don't hold back. (( biting her lip ))

*Ray starts going in and out of her again while squeezing her boobs.*

Shalaya- (( pulling his face to hers )) I said give it to me.

Ray- patience my dear.

Ray speeds it up a little but before you know it, he was pounding the mess outta her.

Liyah- (( screaming and tuggin on the sheets )) Randy!

Ray takes himself out of her and flips her over. Shalaya gets on all 4's and Ray starts hitting it from the back.

Shalaya- fuck ! fuck ! fuck ! fuck !

Ray grabs her hair and starts pulling on it and pounding her harder.

Shalaya- (( squealing )) baby !

So Ray and Shalaya do all this other shit and blah blah blah. After they finish up they cuddle up and go to sleep. An hour later everyone else comes home.

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