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Tattooing is an art form permanently etched into your skin. Understanding that, Trung Tadashi always puts all the talent, enthusiasm, and all his heart and soul into the job to create the most beautiful designs, bring customers satisfaction. He made Tadashi Tattoo Studio become the best tattoo shop in Saigon.

Pheonix cover tattoo - by TADASHI TATTOO

Because we want to make people who love tattoo art feel assured, we will introduce images as well as tattoo process in Tadashi Tattoo Studio. This is one of things makes us become the most reputable tattoo shop in Saigon.

Infrastructure element creates the reputation of Tadashi Tattoo Studio

The press oftens give much of information about unsafe tattoo ink, tattoo ink damages the skin, and people sometimes talk about unknow origin of tattoo ink. However, there are always many types of tattoo ink, bad tattoo ink or good tattoo ink depends on tattoo shop which you have chosen.

An tattoo is an art designs permanently on your body. Therefore, Tadashi Tattoo doesn't allow us to do with bad tattoo ink which damages skin of people. Tattoo ink of was imported from the USA and Germany.

Besides tattoo inks, needleses are also important. A lot of customers who love the tattoo art but the first question which they wonder is: "Is it the safe ink?" Or "Can needles be replaced for each tattoo." Actually, this is the first thing to be focused on tattooing, all needleses, furnitures related instruments are replaced after each tattoo.

Creation is most important to create beautiful tattoo designs

You can find good instrument tattoo ink, needles at any where, but creative tattoo artist is not easily to find. At Tadashi Tattoo Studio, we have one of a kind tattoo artist - Trung Tadashi.

He spent the following five years honing his skills and continuing his quest for knowledge and excellence. During this time he worked with the same strict dedication and focus on this ancient art form that persists until today. He participated many convention contest, which made his skill excellent. He desires that he will bring customers high quality tattoos.

The warranty of Tadashi Tattoo Studio

Depending on skin of each person and how hygiene after tattooing, the different result will be. At Tadashi Tattoo, customers are encouraged to check after 7 days. In addtition, it wil be free. However, in order to save your time, we always remind how to care parlors and tattoo protection. If you can not come to the store, it doesn't matter, we always ready to receive and answer your questions via telephone. Now, you want to find a ? I make sure that Tadashi Tattoo Studio is a reputable tattoo shop which you can trust.

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