Chapter 15

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Narrators Pov

After two weeks after the incident,you and Chat had gotten along just fine.He would surprise you with roses or small dates.You two were going along pretty good.

Ladybug's Pov

"Ahhhh"I screamed as I ran away from the akumatised villain.I tried to dial Chat's stuff number but he didn't pick it up."Uhh were is that stupid cat"I stated and dodged another beam of light.

I went to my map on my yoyo and tracked him down."I can't believe that I'll hunt that cat down."I sighed and ran to were he was.Thankfully the akuma got distracted and I slipped away with ease.

My eyes widened as were he was."Y/N's house?"I asked amused and jumped on the balcony.I just swung the doors open to find Chat's head on Y/N's lap as she petted him?

They both looked at me with wide eyes.Chat got out of Y/N's grasp straight away and got up smiling sheepishly.

"L-Ladybug what-what are you doing here?"He asked obviously nervous.

"I should ask you the same thing?"I said and he took Y/N's hand and pulled her up from her bed.She was red as well.Chat pushed her in front of him.

"Ladybug this-this is Y/N.She's m-my girlfriend"Chat said and Y/N waved nervously.My mouth hung open as I stared at both of them.

Y/N is dating Chat?How could someone as smart and pretty as Y/N get in the way of Chat's love life?

"I'm surprised to see that Chat found someone as pretty as you!"I said and Y/N giggled.

"Hey!"Chat complained.He pouted and took a hold of Y/N's waist."She's mine,back off"He stated and I rolled my eyes.

"Anyways,it's nice to finally be meeting you Ladybug.I've heard and seen so much about you!"Y/N stated and we shook hands.

"I actually haven't heard anything about you from Chat!"I said and eyed him.He chuckled nervously and Y/N rubbed the back of her neck.

"Well...we didn't want anyone to find out about us because of danger."Chat said and Y/N nodded her head.

"So Ladybug why did you come here and ruin my petting?"Chat asked and crossed his arms curiously.

My eyes widened as I remembered the reason I came here in the first place."Oh right,there is an akuma on the loose.We gotta go.It was nice meeting you"I said and she smiled and waved to me.I jumped out of the window and waited for Chat.

He gave Y/N a peck on the lips."I'll be back later"She nodded"Stay safe"She said and waved at both of us.

~Skip to the end of the battle~

Chat Noir Pov

"Pound it"Me and Ladybug fist bumped."Well,that was quiet fast if I do say myself"I said and Ladybug nodded.

"Chat,I didn't know that you had a girlfriend!"Ladybug said and I chuckled." you do"I said and I laughed as she rolled her eyes.

Beeping was heard from her earrings and she got up."Well,I hope she makes you happy!"

"She does"I said and she got out her yoyo."Oh and Chat!"I turned my head to her direction.


"You got a little something on here!"She said touching her lips and swiping away giggling.Confused I placed my clawed finger on my lip and looked at it.

My eyes widened and I blushed madly as I saw that on my finger there was some red lipstick.I started walking away from the scene,trying to get my mind of Y/N's perfect soft lips.

Your Pov

"Wow!So that was Ladybug?She is really nice"I said to Chat as he was laying down on my bed.He chuckled and got up and sat criss cross.

"Well,of course she is nice.That's why everyone loves her"He said slightly annoyed.My happy expression soon faded as I saw his ears flatten on his head.

"And...they love you to!"I said and went to sit next to him.He sighed and turned his face the other way."No they don't"He mumbled,but I heard it.

"Oh common Chat.Of course they do!Why would they create a website for you!"I said trying to cheer him up.

"That website is no for me.It was created just for Ladybug.I'm just her sidekick"He said and I started getting red out of anger.

"What are you talking about?!?!?You're no sidekick.You two are partners.Everyone is equal"I said placing my palm on his.

"No we are not and no one cares about me.They don't adore me.They adore Ladybug.The hero of Paris.They don't love me like they love her"He said while looking at me.

"What about me?"I asked.He shot an eyebrow."I'm your number one fan"I said and he blushed.I took a hold of his face with both hands and made him look directly at me.

"I do care about you and I do love you!From all the 12 boys that I have dated.Your the only one that understood me.And cared about me"I said and his eyes widened,

"YOU HAVE DATED 12 DIFFERENT BOYS?!?!?!"He yelled.I looked at him weirdly."Yes?"I said more like a question.He continued to stare at me through wide eyes and I rolled mine.

"As I was saying"He snapped his attention back to me."You are not a sidekick"I started softly"You are a superhero that saves lives Chat!How could not anyone adore you!"I said softening my gaze.

He sighed and looked the other way.I took a hold of his chin making him not move."Look,people just haven't realised it yet.The next day I'm sure that everyone will start talking about you and every time you show up they will faint."

I said and he chuckled making me smile a little."Please just,don't low yourself so much.Ok?Until those people realise their mistake,I will always be there for you"I said and Chat smiled sweetly at me.

"That's the reason why I fell for you Y/N.You are always kind and sweet.You never judge anyone by their appearance"Chat said making me blush.

He then surprised me by a hug and I hugged him back,him nuzzling his head in the crook of my neck,tickling me with his hair."Thank you"He mumbled on my shoulder.

He pulled back and surprised me once more with kissing me passionately.I kissed him back and we pulled away from lack of air.

I breathed in and looked at him once more.He was slightly red and he had a smile on his face.A tear fell down his face and I whipped it away.

"I will never stop believing that you will come to my rescue Chat.Never"

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