Jealousy Is Deadly

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  • Dedicated to Sydney Lanie

Jealousy Is Deadly

To Sydney, I will always love you!

I held the reins tighter. Looking behind myself I saw the others gaining on me. I clicked my tounge to make my black-as-night stallion, Kio, go faster. He perked his ears and jumped forward with a bolt of speed. I laughed and looked behind me again. I could see the others getting smaller and smaller as we raced through the plains.

Lanoyia Plains was the home of the village Broon. I was born there about 200 years ago. I grew up there egarly waiting until the day I was 104years old. The age I would receive my birth horse from the horizion. That's how got Kio. He is the strongest and bravest horse in all the Plains. The herds were his. He commanded them with his leader-ship skills. He was their leader as I was his rider.

"Whoa!" I cried as we neared the Banya Forest. Kio reared and I laughed pleasently as I jumped off and landed gracefully in front of him. "You did well boy!" I told him as he nuzzled my face.

As did you Shakira, he said back.

pulled away and smiled. I loved when he talked to me. In my time all horses could talk. Not with their mouths but with their minds. It was a gift bestowed on both horse and elf to speak and understand each other from the horse goddess, Shava. Kio tossed his head and looked east where my friends were coming up.

"Ugh! She beat us again!" said my friend Aurora as she jumped off her chesnut pinto, Lumbee.

"Well I told you she would. She has the strongest and fastest horse in the whole village." said my other friend Apollo. He was still on his pure white stallion, Donn.

The only parts of Donn that weren't whtie were his stockings and muzzle. He was a very special coat indeed.

All mares swooned at the sight of Donn but he was not interested in any of them. Which puzzled all elves who looked upon him except Apollo. Most think that regal coats such as Donn would want to spread his magnificent coat. The people of Broon think he is selffish and wants the coat to reamain his only. But Kio knew better than that and as did Apollo.

"Kio is the fastest horse is Broon." repeated Apollo.

"Yes alright, alright, we heard you the first time." snapped Aurora narrowing her dark green eyes at him and tossing her long, platnium blonde hair.

I sighed. These two always acted like this. It was rather troublesome when Apollo made Aurora lose her temper.

"Aurora? Your cloak is stuck on your saddle." I said, trying obviously to break the tension.

She glared at me unbeliveingly and then blushed. "Oh, I need to get this thing sewn." she flustered.

Apollo laughed. "I'm glad mine fits." he bragged, turning Donn in a circle to show off his dark brown cloak.

Aurora turned on him so fast that even the horses jumped. The tip of the sword that always hung on Aurora's belt was now at Apollo's throat.

I gasped. "Aurora! Put that away!"

"Control yourself!" Apollo yelled at the same time.

I gave him a loving glance that only Aurora saw. She stared at me disbelivingly. "You love him don't you? That's why your like this. Well, I love him too and now he's going to choose because I know he loves one of us." She stared at Apollo. "Tell us which one."

Apollo wasn't paying any attention to her. His gaze was stuck on me. "Yo-you love me? For how long?"

I swallowed. "Ever since I saw you. Ever since we met. Everytime I saw you come back from traveling I was secretly hoping you would come from the horizon. I looked away, expecting him to say something. Instead, Apollo smiled and dismounted.

"Apollo, that's not safe. Aurora's going off agian." Donn said desperatley.

Apollo ingonored him. He came close to me and wrapped his arms around me. "I've loved you too, Shakira."

Aurora stared at him in anger. "So, you chose her?"

Apollo nodded. "Aurora, your too agressive. We don't get along." he said to her in a crisp voice. "And I'll never love you."

Aurora let out a shrill cry and charged at him. I pushed him out of the way and took the blow. The thin sword penetrated my chest with a silent sliding sound. I gasped and grabbed the blade. I gripped it hard enough to bring blood there too.

Aurora gasped and let the hilt go. "No, no, no. I didn't mean, no, Shakira! I wouldn't I never would have!" She looked around frantically.

Kio reared and trampled Aurora with his hooves. Lumbee let out a horse scream and knocked Kio to the ground. The two horses fought while both their masters laid there, dying.

I sank to my knees and gripped the sword tighter. Apollo ran to me and held me in his arms. "No. Shakira, I just told you my feelings. Don't go. Your going to be okay. I promise."

Despite my state, I smiled. "Apollo, I'm gone. I saved you. Leave me."

He shook his head. "I won't be able to live after your gone. I won't." He grabbed the hilt of the sword and pulled it out.

I let out a sharp hiss, and coughed up blood. I was too late to see what Apollo did.

I heard the sound of blade meeting flesh and looked to see Apollo had stabbed hisself where I was. I let out a moan.

"No. No, NO!" I shouted. I grabbed his hand and collapsed into his lap.

His breaths were becoming short as he said, "I love you." Then was still.

I started crying then. As I saw that our bloods were pooling together I realized that the last things I heard were Apollo's words, and the distant screaming of horses that fought still when their masters were dead. As I drifted away I realized, this started as a normal day.

Now, it was the end.

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