y- you love me {y/n}?

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Couples of days has past. You couldn't stop thinking about Kimizuki. As u were walking into school, u were bumped into someone. "Ow. S-sorry about that." you said. You looked at the person u bumped into and it was Okadami. "Just the person I was looking for!" Okadami said. As she did, she grabbed your wrist and pulled u towards outside.

"W-where are u taking me!" you yelled. "Just wait and see!" Okadami winked at you. As u were running with Okadami, u looked at where you two were going. You guys were heading to the pool. "Why are we going to the pool?" u asked. "No silly. The cherry blossom!" Okadami giggled.

'Why does she want me to be at the cherry tree?' u thought. As u two were getting closer to the cherry tree, u see kotaki and kimizuki there. U finally realized what was going on. U turned red. U stopped Okadami. "Hey. What gives?" she said. "No! I'm not ready!" u yelled pulling her towards the school.

"Not if i can help it." you hear a familiar voice. Out of no where, u were swepped off your feet. U saw who it was and it was kotaki. 'HOW DID HE RUN SO FAST!?!?!' u thought. Okadami was catching up. Just when u three got to the cherry blossom, kotaki put u down.

U were face to face with kimizuki. U started blushing. "U-um. H-hi." u said. "So...I heard u like me. Is that correct?"  kimizuki said. U turned red. "Y-yes that's correct." kimizuki turned red. Kotaki and Okadami started laughing. "S-shut up!" u said. "It's okay. I-I love u too (y/n)." kimizuki smiled. U turned dark red. Kimizuki started laughing. "U-u like me?" u asked. Kimizuki stopped and nod.

Everyone was quiet. Okadami cut off the silence. "Oh my lord just kiss each other all ready!" Okadami said as she pushed u towards him and made u kiss him. Kimizuki kiss u back. Kimizuki pulled away and hugs u. "I love u (y/n). Really, I do." kimizuki said.  U Hesitated but hugged him back.

"Aww!" Okadami and kotaki said. "I swear u too are a perfect for each other." u said. Kimizuki giggled. U rolled your eyes and laughed.

HEY GUYS! Sorry that I haven't done an update for quite a well. I'm sorry for that. And I'm sorry that this is the end of the story. But I have to end it right here. Well i hope u guys enjoyed this book. Well see u in the next book!

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