Finding Their Fire Within (BoyxBoy)

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“Sire, there has been a Macro Dragon seen in the tropical islands.” A messenger says as he rushes into the room.

It was the formal meeting room that all the kings that ruled the East, West, North, and South kingdoms had. It was equipped with pillars going up and down the sides of the room and stairs at the end of the room that ended with my chair resting on top.

I stand from my chair. “That’s the fifth one this week. What are they doing in the tropical?” I muse.

For some reason the Macros disappeared—maybe even died off. When the Macros lived they mostly lived in the East. It was where they were born and over time they migrated around the world. They evolved to suit their surroundings and their colors changed into more unnatural colorings.

Micros are more common because more humans have them as pets. They’re easier to take care of and soon enough minor kings had many of them instead of Macros. The Micros and Macros got along, but they must have had a silent understanding.

Soon the Macros disappeared altogether—except the ones that Kings of the Kingdoms had. They lived with the kings until they died. Some rumors say they are in the mountains of the kingdoms. Other rumors say that they died off after a while.

My lieutenant, Arthur, steps forward. “Sire, maybe something we don’t know about is going on. What if the Macros are meeting together?” He asks.

“Why would they do that? Is there something in the tropical that we don’t know about?” I ask, looking towards the messenger.

He nods. “There is known to be a boy living on one of the islands that lives with his uncle on a dragon farm. His uncle has many Micros born and raised on the farm and the boy has grown up with them. Apparently one of the baby dragons they raised grew up to be a Macro.” The messenger tells us.

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