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I was still dumbfounded by the comment by Mr. Fontaine.

"Who does he think he is, he doesn't own me?"

Well technically he did, for a year. Then again I did rip his suit - but it was by accident. I sighed and tucked a brown strand behind my ear, already feeling my damp hair curling away.

Really do people still live such primitive lives where they believe everything and anything belongs to only them and that no one else can have a happy life to live.

I had finished cleaning the mess in the kitchen when I heard the door bell ring. I ignored the second bell and wiped away the work top.

It rang for the third time.

"Elisa would you get the damn door!" I jumped as a dragon like voice boomed from upstairs.

Seriously he couldn't even open the door for himself, I was beginning to think he was more of a lazy fat ass, then someone who worked out. No matter how chiselled his body seemed.

"Fine," I grumbled and dried my hands before setting off to the front door.


"Miss I have a special delivery for Mr. Fontaine. It is his suit-"

"That was earlier than expected, thank you. I shall take this too him."

The tall, young man was don in a rather gaudy suit, held a small smile as he lifted the heavy box. He handed it over to me. "Thank you for your order, we hope Mr. Fontaine will find it to his needs." He turned his heels on his shiny shoes and waltz off into what looked like a sleek Jaguar. I didn't really know much about cars, just recognised them for their symbols.

I closed the door and heaved out a sigh.

"Great, back to the fire lord." I mumbled.

I wasn't even sure what room he was in, so I took to the stairs and called out to him.

"Mr. Fontaine?" No answer.

"Mr. Fontaine?" I called out again but he did not reply.

So I trudged up the stairs and found myself in the lonesome hallway. The wooden flooring was changed to a soft, fluffy carpet. The creamy colour was a great contrast to the dark interior of the furniture.

"Mr. Fontaine?" I almost whispered.

There was a black door at the end of the corridor, walking passed I admire the many different images of art that hung across the walls. I slowly made my way to the door and noticed it was opened ajar. Peeking through I gasped at what I saw.

"Holy crap," I whispered but it came out more as a squeak.

I quickly turned around and backed against the wall, my heart racing as I witnessed the hidden scene. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to see what he was up to, after all he was quite the mysterious figure and I wanted to know more about him.

Even if he was just wearing a towel around himself.

I honestly didn't mean to, but I just had to look again. I tip toed around the door, my brown eyes filled with sin as I watched him dry off his hair.

His muscles extended and accentuated his sculptured body as he held one arm with a towel and vigorously rubbed his hair.

I gulped and closed my petite lips, damn am I seriously living with this guy?

I continued to watch and waited until he was finished, when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something. Tilting his head, his hazel eyes narrowed as they met with my own.

I gasped and quickly turned back, when the door opened wide.

"I never knew you were the peeping Tom type?" He smirked as a few drops of water trickled down his hard face. I lowered my gaze, too tempted for my own good.

"I-it's not what it looks like?" I could feel the heat rush up to my cheeks, raising the warmth that resided in me.

"Oh and what is it that you were doing?" His deep voice verberated. He leaned one hand across the door and caused a waft of his manly scent to blow me way.

I shifted my gaze elsewhere but reluctantly looked up to see the Adonis boss of mine, staring mischievously at my pitiful appearance.

"Your suit." I held the heavy box out. "It was just delivered and I came to give it to you."

"Any chance it has come in one piece." He asked and arched a dark brow.

"Of course." I pouted and narrowed my eyes at his teasing.

"Very well," his eyes crinkled, "I'll take this."

With one swoop of a hand, he grabbed the box and took its contents into his room.

I stood there without actually knowing what to do and stared at his broad back. I frowned and noticed there was all kinds of scars, elongated and all in the middle of his back.

"Mr. Fontaine?" I breathed.

"You're still here?" He craned his neck, causing a flutter of hair to dance away at his haughtiness.

"Your back?" I watched with bewildered eyes, my hand on my trembling lips. "Are you okay?"

He snapped his head and narrowed his eyes. Stomping his way to the door as though I said something I shouldn't have.

"Know this woman, I don't need your sympathy nor do I ever want you in my personal space. You are my maid and that's that. Know your limits unless you know what's best for you."

His eyes darkened as he glared with disgust, I breathed out a sigh and couldn't help but wander my eyes over his large, exposed body. He was great, handsome to say the least but at that moment I realised he had dark, hidden secrets that told a different story.

Whatever he was, I was starting to become afraid.

If you have read my stories, you would know that I take my time with the plot. After all it does need to be realistic.

Anyway sorry it is a little short, I was feeling quite tired.

Enjoy and thank you!

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