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Mordecai's POV

I started hanging out with Leni more I mean, she's cool and what should I call this.. Innocent and caring

I mean she's not dumb. She's innocent, she's like a child that cares for others, that loves others, she even would want to sacrifice for her siblings. And I like her that way.

April 12, 2017, three days after Benson "broke up" with me, I was already hanging out with Lincoln, Sam and Leni those days, we went to the arcade where I even saw Benson and Y/N together since I heard Y/N say "OOOHH!" But I didnt mind cause they went out.

I just got to use it, dang it.

Lincoln came with me, asking me...

"Do you like Leni?"

He asked, suspiciously

"What? No. Well, as a friend. Yeah."

"I know you like Leni."

"Fine. I do like her.. Somehow she's amazing and caring."


"I get it. She's just innocent Man."

"Are you playing? If you are and you hurt her, you're gonna be in the hospital hooked up to life support because of my other sisters."

"How many sisters do you have?"

"I have ten. You?"

"I don't have a sibling, but I treat Rigby like one.."

"It's really hard to stand siblings, but they care about each other."

"Yeah. We do. I swear I won't hurt your sister Leni. I'd even risk my "gayness" for it."

"You're gay?!"

"Somehow, in the past, I admitted to my boss I liked him and he likes me back, and somehow my best friend Rigby told Benson and I to stay away from each other for a week so he won't bother us anymore. Maybe he has a good reason for this now. I dunno. Just yeah."

"How deep."

"Yeah. Oh. Let's go."

Lincoln and I went out of the restroom and Leni and Sam were just playing video games and we joined them.

I whispered to Lincoln.

"Don't tell Leni what you know."

"I won't but, my sisters would be suspicious about it." Lincoln replied.

"Tell them at the right time."

"I will. I promise."

He winked at me.

Well. I hope Leni won't notice soon.

Leni's POV

Somehow I felt a weird feeling, I dont know what's it called, I'm happy each time I see Mordecai and I just dont know why.

I thought of asking Sammie about it.

Sam and I were playing video games at the arcade while Linky and Mordy were are the restroom.

"Sam?" I called out.

"Yeah?" She replied.

"Somehow I feel weird around Mordecai, I'd spend time for him, make space for him, I'd even care about him, as much as I do for my sisters and brother."

"I think you like him Len."

"Whaaa? How?"

"I mean, he's cute, and he cares like you. And you like his blonde style. You know. Stuff."

"Maybe I do."

Maybe I do like Mordecai

Kaila's POV

I went to Y/N's since she's haven't been with me in a while!

So I just went to her apartment the next day

"Y/N! It's me! Kaila!" I yelled.

"Yeah. I know. I could recognize the yelling from your voice! Why are you here anyway?"

"It's about Benson Dunwoody."

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