26- Antaeus' Arena Pt. 2

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Percy's PoV:

"Let the battle begin!" And he charged at me with his spear.

Since I was in no shape for offense against a giant, I made a shield out of rock from the earth and held it in front of me to absorb the blow of the spear. Even though I grew in size, I was still 3 inches smaller than the giant. Antaeus swung the spear and hit my shield, sending me a few steps backward. He tried to get out the shield from my hands with his freehand but I set the shield on fire burning his hand. He backed off with an expression of pain. I got that chance and made a deep cut using Riptide on his right leg, making him roar with pain.

But the next thing I saw was dirt from the ground wrapping around his leg and healing the cut. I was shocked that like me, he could use the earth for healing. And then the thought struck to me that all this time he was calling me brother maybe not because of my connection with Poseidon, but because of also having power over the earth. Most mythical beings I encountered called me the son of the earth, and if he is also one since he had those powers... Since I was distracted because of my train of thought, Antaeus took the chance to kick me hard, throwing me to the wall at my back. I felt like if I kept getting thrown around like this, all the bones in my body would be broken.

"See, brother. You cannot defeat me easily." He sneered. I did my best to stand up and tightened my grip on Riptide.

"Don't look down on me too easily." I said and charged at him. He swung his spear at me again but I cut it in half with Riptide. Then in a flash, I stabbed him in the stomach and kicked him with so much force, sending him to the other side of the arena. The effort made my body ache more but I had to bear it. Antaeus managed to get on his feet since the earth healed him. Someone in the crowd tossed another spear at him and he caught it. I made a mental note to kill that someone after.

This time, he charged at me and struck his spear against my shield which I held in front of me, making a crack. It seemed that this spear was stronger than the first. He struck again and the crack got larger. Before I could do anything, he struck for the third time and the shield broke. He tried to stab me but I deflected it and rolled to the right. The roll made me dizzy but I managed to stand up. Suddenly, in his hand appeared a trident, replacing the spear and on his freehand appeared a net. Classic gladiator style. He smiled evilly and threw the net at me but I sidestepped and kicked him away. He didn't go far though and he thrust his trident to my left but I took a hold of his trident and bent it in half with all the godly strength I could muster. He threw the net again at me but I cut through it and slammed the hilt of my sword hard in his stomach making him lose air and bend and then I slammed it again on his head. I made myself a foot of rock and kicked him with all my strength. He slammed into the wall, making cracks spread.

As the time passed, the poison in my body started to get worse, making me fall on one knee. Antaeus, on the other hand, was starting to get up since the earth was giving him strength. I tried of a way to get rid of the green poisonous liquid inside me. Wait! Liquid! That's it! What if with the powers I got from Poseidon, just like controlling water, I could control poison? If I could just transfer the poison from me to Antaeus... But if he remains on the ground, he'll use the earth to heal himself. And then a very good plan formed inside my head. I put Riptide back in pen form in my pocket and stood up. Antaeus was slowly making his way toward me with a smile.

"Giving up already brother?" I smirked.

"I never give up." Then my eyes glowed green as I controlled the poison inside me and took it out. The arena went silent and I saw a look of horror in Antaeus' face. I formed the poison into a rope and made it wrap around Antaeus. His skin bubbled and burned and the earth tried to heal him. But before it could reach where the rope was, I spun Antaeus 3 times around me and threw him up to the chains hanging from the roof. He roared as he tried to untangle himself from the chains but I didn't give him a chance. I let the earth give me a boost up and got hold of a chain in front of Antaeus.

"Let go of me!" He screamed at me while wriggling.

"I'm sorry but I cannot do that. I don't think you deserve to live and collect the skulls of more innocent people any longer. Goodbye, Antaeus." And then I stabbed him in the chest, making him roar. The earth tried to reach him but since he was too high up, it could not. Since he could not heal, he disintegrated into dust.

The crowd got wild and angry roars came from all over the arena. I looked at where Briares and Rachel was and saw that they were sorrounded by monsters. Even though I took the poison out of my body, I was still tired and weak. I swung from chain to chain to get to them and landed beside Briares, who was already standing and carrying a half conscious Rachel.

"Briares, are you on my side?" I knew it was a stupid question but I had to make sure. His fifty heads nodded frantically. "Okay, then. We have to make it to the arena floor first. Follow me." The only fast way to get there was to go to the lowest seats and jump so I weaved through the monsters, killing everyone in the reach of my sword. I was like a killing machine but my sword arm started getting heavy and moved sluggishly. Briares used his ninety nine other hands to throw monsters away from us and punch them, to guard our back. I finally made it to the low seats and I jumped. The landing made my knees weak but I forced myself not to fall. Briares landed beside me, making the whole arena shake. Bits of stone fell from the roof and one hit my head. The rest of the monsters sorrounded us in a tight circular wall. There was no way that we could get out of here alive. If only there was a distraction, a big distraction. I really need some help. I prayed that someone could hear me and help me.

BOOM!!!  The side of the arena from where Kampê brought us here exploded and a hundred of black things the size of big stones came like a tsunami to us. But I noticed one of them which stood out. It's eyes glowed red while the others' ones glowed orange. And then, I recognized the creature.

"Rocky!!!" I was so happy that my little friend came to help me. It jumped on top of the monsters' heads and came to me while it's friends fought the monsters sorrounding us. I patted it on the head and it almost bit my hand off if I didn't get it out fast. "Guess you don't like pats."

"Crick! Crick!" It agreed, showing his sharp teeth.

"Can you make a distraction so that we can get out of here?" I asked Rocky. Half the monsters were already disintegrated by its friends.

"Crick! Crick!"

"Thanks buddy." I was almost going to pat him again but I stopped midway. "Right. No pats." Then he dived into the monsters at our back and slashed like lightning. Its friends followed it and made a path for us to the exit. "C'mon Briares!" Together we ran until we reached the exit which led to another corridor that was tiled this time. I took one last look at the arena which was full of dying monsters and fearsome rocks who were killing them and entered the new corridor.

Word Count: 1433 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: May 13, 2017
A/N: Here is the part two which I promised to y'all soon hehe. Hope you'll like it. I don't know when I can update again but I'll try my best to do it soon. Please keep on supporting this story and thank you for all the support! Until the next chap!

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