A Change In Me

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Bold lettering = nightmare/dream/flashback text


Lavaria gave Clay a bowl of warm water and a wash cloth so he could tend to Jestro and his wounds.

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to. I think he would prefer it if me or Whiparella did it." Lavaria advised.

"Thank you; but I think I can handle it." The knight insisted.

As Clay went inside the room, the monsters watched him from the doorway.

"He's gonna get creamed." Flama whispered to his brother.

"Agreed." Moltor whispered back.

Jestro sat up in his bed. Lavaria already wrapped the wound in his side with bandages; stopping the blending and soaking up a small amount of the blood. Clay put the bowl down next to the bed and gently soaked the cloth in the water; squeezing out the excess water when he took it out. The knight stood up to see Jestro scratching the bites on his arm.

"Don't pick at it!" Clay raised his voice at him.

Jestro just looked at Clay and growled at him. But Clay was having none of it. The knight climbed onto the side of the bed so he reach and treat Jestros' wounds. Jestro saw what he was doing and moved away from him.

"Hold still." Clay instructed.

"Stay away from me!" Jestro warned.

"Your wounds need to be treated!"

Jestro continued to make a fuss as Clay tried to treat him. The monsters watched the struggle from the doorway. Clay finally got the damp cloth on Jestros' wounded arm, but the wounded creature reacted to the stinging feeling by hissing and pushing the knight away with his other arm; almost knocking him off the bed. Clay got his balance back and gave Jestro a pissed off glare.

"That hurts!" Jestro snapped at Clay; holding his arm protectively.

"If you hold still it wouldn't hurt as much!" Clay snapped back.

The monsters watched nervously as the two started blaming each other.

"If you hadn't ran away, this would never have happened!" Jestro blamed Clay for his wounds.

"If you didn't try to attack me, then I wouldn't have ran away!" Clay blamed Jestro for scaring him.

Jestro gave Clay an annoyed and angry glare before coming up with another blame.

"Well, you shouldn't have gone into the west wing!" He crossed his arms; thinking he won.

Clay raised a brow at Jestro before picking up the damp cloth.

"Well you need to learn to control your temper." Clay spoke in a calm but aggressive tone.

Jestro stared at the knight with wide eyes; taking that final remark as a personal insult. Jestro just laid down on his non bandaged side; facing away from Clay. Clay looked at some scars on Jestros back. Some of them were fresh from the fight with the wolves. But a few of them were old and faded; from something else. Clay dismissed the observation and got off the bed; picking up the bowl of water.

"Try to get some rest. I'll check on you in the morning." Clay reminded before leaving the room.

The lava monsters waited outside the room; looking a bit anxious as they waited for Clay to answer.

"So how is he?" Whiparella questioned in worry and concern; Lavaria trying to comfort her.

"He didn't really want me to treat his wounds. But he should recover if he gets enough rest." Clay explained.

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