Chapter 1

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Niall's POV

"I'm trying to remember. No this can't be. This isn't real. My parents are alive. Who are you guys? I don't know any of you." She said.

"I'm Niall and you were adopted by me and the boys." I said.

"You were adopted by One Direction." I said.

Chapter 1

Sofia's POV

I heard the blond-haired guy whose name is Niall say to me about me being adopted by them. It can't be though, my parents are probably at work where they always are.

A bunch of strangers stares at me and tell me that I am a part of their family. This is absurd because I feel like I am being pranked on and my parents are waiting outside of the door.

I am hooked up cords and wires. I can hear the heart monitor beep as I sit there in bed. The lads are still staring at me like they are waiting for me to say something about anything.

This can't be, it's just a dream. Can someone pinch then? I should be waking up by now. I start to pinch myself and the lads continue to stare at me.

"This isn't a dream, love," The curly-haired boy says.

Why am I here? In this hospital? I am supposed to be at school with my friends. I don't even know who One Direction is. Wait a second, I do actually. Wasn't One Direction that boy band that I fondly like. Why is One Direction in my room?

Honestly I don’t really like them as much but I do like their music. What’s weird is that they are here with me. They keep starring at me like I have five heads.

"Stop starring at me." I said awkwardly.

"Hey Ms. Can you tell me when my parents come in. And can you switch me out of her?" I asked

"I can’t do that." The nurse said

"Why not?" I asked

"Because they are your parents, sweetie." She said

"No they are not my parents. You guys are pulling a prank on me I just know it." I said.

I was getting really mad. Do they think this is some sick joke? I want my parents here I don’t want them around me. How do they even know who I am?

"We are..." Said the nurse but she got cut off because somebody said my name.

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