Rain Drops

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Rain drops fell from the dark, angry sky above and soaked my hair, merging with the tears already on my cheeks. I didn't try to cover myself, didn't even bother to look for shelter. I just treaded through the stone streets, letting the rain wash away my misery. I thought of all the things wrong in my life. Everything that had to go and mess up all that was so perfect before. Maybe it hadn't even been perfect before. Maybe my life had always been like this and I had just been oblivious. Maybe I should just take the dagger at my side and plunge it into my heart, ending all of the pain and suffering. I pulled the dagger out of its sheath and stared at the sharp blade. It glinted in the gentle moonlight and I ran my fingers along its edge. Life doesn't really matter anymore either way. Jacob, my Romeo, is dead. Nothing will bring him back. Is life really worth living if the one you love is not in it? My thoughts wandered back to the day we met. It seemed like yesterday.  

I had just fallen off my rearing horse. He and some others had been watching from afar. He was the only one who came to help me.  

"Are you alright?" He had cried.  

"Uh huh." I had said, a bit shocked but still in a humorous mood.  

"Nasty fall, huh?" He was laughing then.  

"Tell me about it." He had helped me up and once he pulled his arms away, my hands still felt warm from his touch.  

"I'm Jacob. " 

"Juliet." He had laughed at my name for everyone knew of the famous play. Now, my life was more like that play than any other point. I honestly want to die. To join Jacob again wherever it is dead people go. Dying sounds so good right now. I lifted the dagger to my chest once more. The famous lines that were Juliet's last words filled my head.  

O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; so rust, and let me die.  

"Jacob, I love you." With those last echoing words, I thrust the dagger through my heart.

~This is the beginning of my story. It's really fast paced because it's a rough draft. Sorry. Hope you like it and please give me tips Thanks~

I twirled around the dance floor, my dress billowing out. When the song ended, I bowed to my partner and strode over to the dessert table. Some of my friends stood together, laughing at a joke someone just told.  

"Juliet!" Someone called my name. I turned to see a man in red walking toward me, arms open wide.  

"Richard!" I hugged him and smiled. "I can't believe you're here." 

"I can't believe you're here! Why doesn't a pretty girl like you already have millions of suitors lined up?"  

I shook my head, still excited that my best friend was in this prison. "Trust me, I do. They're all idiots though so my parents sent me here to hopefully 'marry the prince' or something."  

"Join the club."He said, laughing. "Speaking of princes." He pointed behind me where the prince himself stood, smiling at some girl. After close inspection, I realized it was Princess Natalie. One of the meanest, most spiteful princesses I knew.  

"Pray for him." I told Richard. He laughed again. "Would you like to dance?" I nodded and we joined the swirling dancers. When the dance ended, Richard and I bowed to each other. Another very pretty girl invited him to dance. He nodded to me politely and followed her onto the floor. I walked to the table again and watched the happy men and women dance with each other. It was beautiful. A boy and a girl stood off to the side, their fingers intertwined and speaking softly. She laughed and pecked him on the cheek. I smiled to myself, imagining what it would be like when I find the man I am to marry. He would be very sweet and loving. Everyone would be jealous of us, wishing they had what we would. A voice snapped me out of my reverie and I turned to see Princess Natalie smiling at me with a look of disgust.  

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