Chapter 1 - Puppet

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Cassandra Lancio

"His name is Lincon, drug dealer and a steel factory owner" Patt showed me his pictures and I looked at it seriously

"What do you want me to do?" I asked

"Kill him with this dangerous chemical. Put it in his drink"

"What do you want to get from him?"

"Oh a lot beautiful" Patt put his arm around me and whispered it to my ear

"A 50% stock of that steel business and drugs of course" Patt smirked and I sighed

2 years ago when I was 20, my parents got a really big debt because their business went bankrupt. My dad got a deal with Patt Brooks but my dad can't pay him. Since he can't pay him,he decided to sell me to Patt Brooks.

Now, I'm a mafia's puppet. I worked with Patt Brooks and his little brother Kolen. 2 years ago, they trained me. Boxing, using guns, parkour to help me escape and etc. I dropped out from university because I can't afford it and I need to save my parents from being killed by these 2 evil man

I got a lot of identity to cover up my private life. No one knows that my real name is Cassandra. I told people that my name is Natasha.

"Do you got me the access?" I asked

"Of course darling" Patt put my fake ID and invitation in front of me. I smirked looking at my ID. Today my name is Madeline

"6.30 right?" I asked

"Yes and we already prepared everything for you" He gave me a small gun and I can put this inside my dress and a safe place so if there's in emergency. I have my backup

"Only that?"

"The chemical will react in 5 hours, it will spread in his blood like wildfire" Patt laughed evily and I just smirked

"Why up for small businessman instead of big ones? I don't get you" I stated truthfully and he looked at me smiling

"Nice question"

"Killing and taking lifes from the 7 Gold Lifes will never be good. My friend stupidly up for that but they caught him quickly. I hate to admit this but they're really tight. You can't beat their skill in everything. Not even their kids.. That's why you should watch out for tonight" He warned and I nodded

"How can they even have that kind of skill?" I asked

"That's the secret, no one knows. We never get the answer for that. I bet they trained" Patt walked to his seat and pulled out something

"Here's the liquid" He said and I can't believe I'm seeing this water like liquid

"It's a dangerous chemical but it has a slow reaction"

"He'll be dead soon" I said and he smirked

"That's my girl, make me proud" He gave a full data of Lincon so I can learn a lot more from him. I sighed, I killed people just to safe my parents and they even threw me to this mafia killer. I walked out from Patt's office and got into my apartment.

I quickly took a shower and starting to get ready. I took out my long black halter dress. I put on a tight rubber belt on waist and slipped the gun there. I put the dress on to check if it's visible or not. It's not because the dress is not that tight on my body. It has a high slit so people won't get suspicious with me

I put my make up on and curled my hair. I need to approach Lincon and flirt with him a little bit so he want to have a drink with me. I need to do this fast so I can rest and relax. Let's just don't get into trouble because I'll be dead in not time

I put on my highheels and earings on. I looked at myself in the mirror to check if the gun visible or not. I doubted that there will be a security. I put the chemical liquid into my clutch and ready to go.

I went out from my apartment and quickly took a taxi to the event venue. I'm not nervous anymore while doing this kind of things. I'm used to it right now.

I started to think about my strategy to get Lincon quickly. I need to use my flirting skills to get him to drink a champagne with me.

"Miss.. we're here" I got out from the taxi and paid for it. I walked inside and showed them the invitation. They let me inside and I'm right that there's no security.

There's a lot of people here, all I need to do is to find Lincon in the crowd. I walked casually and I started to roam around the ballroom more. Suddenly I bumped someone and my highheels stepped on my long dress making me tripped

I closed my eyes but I didn't fall down. I opened my eyes quickly and my eyes widen when I saw Marco Hastington in front of me. I looked down to see he's completely holding me by wrapping his arm around my waist.

I quickly got up so prevent him feeling my gun. He touched it but I don't know if he sense it or not. It means I need to be fast 2 times more

"Sorry" I said awkwardly and he looked at me with his questioning eyes

"Sorry, I was looking for someone" I said awkwardly and he nodded. I walked away from him without glancing back

At the same time, my eyes landed on Lincon. I smirked and walked my way to him but suddenly someone caught my wrist. I turned my head and found Marco was holding me back

"Look, I'm sorry that I bumped you earlier but I need to see someone. They're waiting for me" I said to him but he gave me an unreadable expression. I turned to see Lincon still standing there. My eyes set on him and I smiled to Marco awkwardly and walked away again

"Mr. Rector" I smiled widely and he turned to me

"Hi.. and who are you?"

"Oh I'm Madeline Lone, I'm Venisse's friend" I introduced myself

"Venisse? Ohh.. She talked a lot about you. How is she?" Venisse herself already dead 2 weeks ago

"She's great, currently doing a charity in Africa" Creating lies is important

"Africa? Wow that's really great. I need to call her sometimes"

"Of course you should, I bet she misses you"

"So you're still a nurse?" He asked and I nodded

"Yes sir" I turned to see a waiter came to me to offer drink. I put my hand on the bottle that has chemical liquid in it. As the waiter came, I took it from him and so did Lincon

"Sir I was wandering if you still sell your steel stock?" I pretended to ask

"Yes.. Still selling it"

"My uncle is a businessman in Rusia, He asked me to asked you about this" I smiled

"Oh I still selling it right now.. You can give me-" I pretended that I dropped my clutch

"Ouch" I pretended that I had a backpain too

"Are you okay?" Lincon asked

"I had back surgery last week, I still can't move my-"

"Let me" He bended down his body and I took that opportunity to pour the liquid to his champagne. I poured it quickly and no one will never knew because I covered the small tiny bottle with my long hands

"Thankyou sir" I smiled widely

"It's fine" He smiled back

"Oh about my uncle, can I have your contact number sir? I'll let my uncle know" I gave him my phone and he began to type his phone number in my phone

"Thankyou sir" I smiled as he's done

"No problem.."

"Mr. Rector" There's 3 man went to him and interviewed him quickly. I saw him sipping the champagne and I can't help but smile and walked away from him

Suddenly someone caught my arm and dragged me away.

"Hey!" I protested and trying to let his grip go. He turned to me and my eyes widen

Marco Hastington again..

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