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~Adam's POV~

Ah, the warm, summer days have taken a light creep, and met us here. Finally, I'm done with the cold.

I rest my head on the couch, a fair bit swirling around in my mind. Hmm, only a month...

I am pounced on by the little bundle of fluff known as Mischief. He's been so quiet lately I forgot we had a cat. I scratch my hands on his tiny little head and sigh, using my free hand to grab the remote and turn on the television,

Ty walks out, a distasting look on his face. "Get up." He jokes, flicking a hand up. I obey and sit up, and allow him to sit beside me, disturbing the feline that was asleep on my chest.

We wrap arms around eachother, having a tugging war to an extent.

He gives me a shove off, and I fall off the couch onto my butt and laugh. A cheeky grin dances on his lips. We haven't done this for a while, have we?

I suppose not.

I stand up, but something immedietly pulls me back. I look behind, Sarah has her arms around me, a smile plastered on her face. I pull her off and she folds her arms. "Did you really expect me not too take the chance?"

"Would you prefer me?" Ty asks.

"I would definetly prefer a grown ass man on my back." I commented.

Ty rolls his eyes and places himself back down on the couch, purposely taking up space. He stretches out in a star, looking up at both of us.

Sarah places herself on his stomach, making Ty tense up. "You're welcome." She says as I seat myself in the now empty space.

"Can you get off of me?" Ty asks. She groans a 'Fine.' and moves.

Screwing around on the couch before actually doing anything is loads of fun.

"Well, let's turn something on." Ty tells me. I pick up the remote and flick through the channels, eventually ending up on a cartoon that Ty seemed to like a fair amount.

Halfway through the supposed half hour cartoon, my mind started to wander, yet again.

Thoughts of work, old life and new life swirled in my brain. Nothing much in particular, to be competely and 100% honest, just... what's gonna happen, what did, and how it all gonna wor-

Nevermind, I'm rambling again.

Turns out, this 'cartoon' is actually a 2-hour long movie.


It's already half-decently late. 7:00 at night. My eyes start to droop, and I nod off to a light sleep. Well, I'm not actually asleep, just 'resting' as most would put it.

I felt something warm wrap around me, and I half-lidded my eyes to see who it was. As always, Ty had tangled a arm around me.

I embraced it, snuggling my nose and chin into the skin.

Ty made a sighing noise. I pull this trick all-too often.


Hey. Wassup.

Fluff. Oh yas.



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