Lunch time and long talks

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Sasukie met up with his twin as he gave Sasuke Naruto who instantly clinged to him.

"Aww he missed you" Sasukie teased as he smiled "what ever Sasukie you two seem like you've bonded" Sasuke shot back while holding Naruto who was purring softly.

Naruto's POV

I...I have came to terms on being with Sasuke though I don't remember anything but his scent is so familiar and it makes me safe to be with him.

I started to purr softly as I listen to his soft heart beat and feel the vibration of his chest when ever he talks it was so soothing but sadly all good things must come to an end cause Sai was here and he was not happy, why I don't know maybe something happened and he was gonna walk past us.

That's when I remembered did Ino just tell on Sasukie for just saying a few words.

Wow she's so immature.

"I hearted that you've messed with my girlfriend" Sai says as he glared at Sasukie "what I didn't do anything it was her who did something I just very kindly asked her to no mess with foxy but she made him cry" Sasukie says in defense, as Sasuke looked down at me so I just nodded "you know your so called 'girls' are really annoying they don't understand nice" Sasuke says though Sai was about to say something but the uchiha brothers left with me and Menma leaving a very angry Sai.

I cuddled into Sasuke so I could fall back asleep but I was to hungry to sleep so I just stayed awake the whole time while being carried to the lunch room.

Once there Sasuke gently pushed me up a bit so I was now on his shoulder which was fun.

but soon the whole lunchroom went silent as Sasuke and Sasukie were both called to the front office I wonder what's going on and why are they being called now I'm starving over here I want my food first.

He turned away from the lunch room and started walking away from the lunchroom as I patted his head wanting him to turn him around so he could feed me some food but that didn't happen like I wanted it to cause he just kept walking he's so mean why he do this to me and judging by the smell they were having ramen for lunch today aww man come on.

We made it to the big room that led to somewhere as it was opened "you called us in" Sasuke asks the lady at the table "oh yes someone is here to see you" she replied pointing brother I jumped off of Sasuke and hugged, Kyuubi's leg as he picked me up and hugged me which I gladly accepted than he got Menma to who also hugged back and we purred happily.

"Sasuke Sasukie come with me were heading out you will come back later" Kyuubi says though he sounded serious I wonder what was going on.

As we got to were ever my brother wanted to go we ended up at a café which seems to brighten my day I was so hungry.

"so what is it that you need to talk about" Sasuke says as I looked at him he seemed serious I wonder why.

Sasuke's POV

I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later but I bet Kyuubi decided to be late for his meeting so he could talk with us or there just taking a break from sitting around and not eating which sounds like a good idea, considering the fact that I or my twin have not ate yet so sitting at a café would probably be a just where we need to be to discus things and to get food.

We sat down at one of the tables closest to the window and far from the people so no one would hear us at all.

We didn't want people trying to get in our business and start yapping about 'oh poor thing' or 'we should arrest that person' but they wouldn't truly understand what's really going on and just want to do it cause I don't know if they think, it's the right thing to do or there hunting down a wanted criminal but they don't know what's actually going on around them in this real world some people even judges things to quickly before even getting to know that person or actually investigating the thing that they hate.

Sometimes I wonder do some people care at all......probably I mean there's Gaara

Kyuubi handed Naruto to me who I gladly too off his hands as I looked at the small blond fox in front of me he just smiled and purred softly.

"Hi" someone says as we all turned to see a lady standing at the table smiling at us "hello" Kyuubi says as he was just about to hand Menma over to Sasukie "hi is there anything you 5 want" she asks refuring to me, my brother, Kyuubi, Naruto, and Menma who all just nodded.

"alright what would you like to drink" she asks "tea for me and water for the little guy" I said as Naruto nodded in agreement though he didn't like being called little.

Soon we ordered our drinks and went back to business "tell me were they were" Kyuubi asks as he let out a soft growl that almost went unnoticed but I couldn't just say no so I just leaned over the table a bit with out hurting Naru, as I whispered in his ear on were theses two had been for the past longest time ever and explained everything in a whisper and Sasukie would whisper in a few extra D-tails here and there for when ever I 'accidently' for got something though I didn't really I just wanted my brother to do the rest of the talking on explaining things about both Naruto and Menma a.k.a our mates.

After we were don't explaining though interrupted by the lady who hand us our drinks and we ordered lunch.

Kyuubi was furious.....


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