Chapter Thirty Seven.

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"This is a joke." The older man shakes his head, covering his mouth with his hand. "Please tell me it is."

I narrow my gaze on the camera's little red light. "I'm sorry, you find something amusing about what's going on right now?" I ask ruefully. "You think hundreds of dead vampires, a missing monarch, and a rebellion led by a cult and a madman are things to be laughed about?"

The red head rolls her eyes and I clench my fists at my sides. "Sorry, dearie, but we are supposed to all fall in line behind some little girl we know nothing about?" She shakes her head and widens her eyes like she's talking to a poor sweet child. "For all any of us know, it's your family that is behind the takeover of Castrum de Petra and the kidnapping of our dear King Pedro who your father just moments ago basically called a farce."

I slam a first on the podium, my ears ringing with anger. "Pedro is no farce, and no one would imply as much. He is kind and strong and he is family to me. He made the brave decision to take on the role of King so that my life could be safe until it was time for me to take my place. Though my father guided his rule, he was very much his own king. We would do anything to get him back."

The old man up top opens his mouth into a big O, clearly gearing up to argue some more but the nicer woman with the deep brown skin, Loya, cuts him off. "I'm going to let you bitch and moan some more, I promise," he looks pissed but she doesn't stop. "But first, young...Amelia?"

"Just Rose," I correct and she nods.

"You mentioned information about the attack on Castrum? What can you tell us because the reports we've been able to get from survivors have been...well, hard to believe." She frowns, deep wrinkles forming around her mouth. "Though I know others would be pleased to sit and argue your lineage for hours, I bet the people are wondering what is going on."

I take a deep breath and run a hand down my blazer. "Yes," I nod. "That's the reason I'm here now is to warn-"

"Why should we listen to you?" The redhead groans, throwing up her hands.

I glare into the camera and I see all the eyes of my family in the room boring into me. "Look, my father was nice enough to offer to just mute your audio, but if you're going to insist on talking over me and keeping the people from getting information they need then I'm going to cut your feed entirely. There are lives at stake here." I level my eyes and steady my shaking hands before continuing. "Now, as I was saying, the threat we face together now is a threat like we've never had before, yet it comes from a very old threat."

"It was always believed that the Doctor who invented the Lamia Mortem was killed along with his village and surrounding villages, however we no longer believe that to be true." Their eyes widen collectively. "He has brought together two extremely dangerous groups, promising them both the moon in exchange for help to dismantle our way of life, but what they don't know is that he has a much darker plan. He intends to kill not only all vampires, but the humans as well. He seeks an end to all things as revenge for the wrongs that were done to him."

Redhead can't hold her tongue any longer. "Who are these groups, and what wrongs were done to the Doctor? He was the one who poisoned us!"

After a deep breath and a nod from dad I go into full detail. I tell them all about the casters and Force. I tell them about the doctor's plans to use a monster to bring in the end of the world. I warn them about the impending attacks and stress to them how important their cooperation is, but I'm met with more skepticism.

I angle it the same way that Malcom did for us. How can they be so close minded to believe we are the only supernatural beings there is? That barely gets a nod out of even Loya.

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