My life is not my life. My life is someone else's life, not mine. I'm not even sure what my life is supposed to be like. Without having to live up to other people's exceptions. Without having to make sure everyone else gets what they want. Sure I live a great life's not mine...


"Cordelia, could you be a good dear and tell the chef that I would like AB+ with...O-." My mother asked me; Well, more ordered than asked, her long honey brown hair flowing down her back as the fringe half-hid her shining blue eyes.

"Yes mother." I said politely. I gracefully curtsied, like I have done so many times before, and walked out of the huge living room. When my mother was out of sight and hearing range I let out the breath I had been holding and slumped against the wall, not caring if I took too long; if my mother got impatient then she would blame the chef, not me. I wonder what she would do with this one. I hope she doesn't go overboard like last time; we had to completely reconstruct the kitchen when she was done with him. I pushed a strand of my dark brown hair behind my ear and looked up at the chandelier hanging on the ceiling. If she gets rid of this one it'll be the third one this week.

"I'm basically a servant, why can't she order a maid to do it instead of her own daughter." I muttered. "At least if she ordered a maid to do it then she would have it in two seconds, no less." I sighed then pushed myself of the wall, hearing the tap of the heels of my black boots making contact with the floor. I straightened out my red sundress and proceeded to walk to the kitchen.

Walking is so boring. I thought as I got fed up of using my feet. I closed my eyes and held out my arms, feeling my bones and skin change and reconfigure to form a shape that I've been comfortable using for almost all my life. I opened my eyes to hear the familiar flapping of my jet black wings and my other senses getting stronger as I flew towards the direction of the kitchen.

Once outside the dark brown, wood doors of the kitchen I landed down on my tiny feet and changed back to my normal form, clothes and all. I opened the door and saw the chef, Johan, sitting at one of the many expensive, marble counters while sipping tea.

"Mistress!" Johan said fearfully and he quickly put the tea in the sink and the cup in the dishwasher. "What can I do for you?" He bowed.

"Mother would like AB+ with O-." I stated.

"Would she like them mixed or separate?" He asked, already going to the fridge to get it out.

"Use your best judgment." He froze and started hyperventilating. His brown eyes had a far off look as he quickly decided what would best suit my mother, because he knew that if it wasn't to her liking then neither was he.

He flitted around the kitchen, quickly preparing my mother's request before it was too late. He finished in merely seconds and gave me the wine glass filled with red liquid.

"So you went for mixed?" I asked as I spun the glass around slowly, examining the liquid to make sure that there wasn't anything fishy in it.

"Yes." He said in a shaky breath. His brown hair stuck to his pale skin with sweat; from the anxiety, not the flitting.

"You better hope that she like it. If she doesn't like it then she won't like you." I warned and he nodded ferociously. "Pray to the Goddesses and Gods that she won't rip off your head." I whispered in his ear and smirked when I heard his heartbeat rise erratically. I left the kitchen and flitted to the Red and Black living room, one of our many rooms in this mansion, where my mother was located, last time I saw her. I knocked and entered once she allowed me entry.

She was pacing back and forth, her long, dark, red dress with black rims flowing behind her.

"Here is your drink, mother." I handed the drink to her and it looked like I was just in time. She was on the verge of snapping, if I was a second later then it would have been too late.

"Took you long enough." My mother said sternly, taking the glass from my hands.

"I apologise for my tardiness." I curtsy, lowering my head slightly.

"It's okay. But remember this, you will be Queen one day and tardiness is not acceptable for someone with the title as Queen." My mother scolded, tracing the top of the glass with her glove covered hand.

I was still down in a curtsy as I said, "Yes mother, again I am sincerely sorry. It won't happen again. Especially once I am Queen."

"What must a Queen require?" She tested me, sipping on her drink while not letting me get up from my curtsy until she thinks it's okay.

"A Queen must require poise, patience, reliability, grace, balance, knowledge, beauty and an image that represents power." I answered robotically.

"Well done. You may rise." I rose and stood, feet together and hands clasped in front of me. The sound of grand bells started playing and the sound of a door opening could be heard.

"Ah, that should be your father coming home now!" She said excitedly, her skin glowing and her eyes full of happiness and love. I wonder if I can find someone who makes me as happy as my father makes my mother.

"Dear wife and daughter, I am home!" My father announced (over dramatically might I add), bursting in through the door with his arms raised to the sky and his head held up high. The air around him literally says 'superiority'.

"Welcome home, honey!" My mother squealed and rushed elegantly to my father, enveloping him in a loving hug.

He kissed the top of my mother's head and whispered sweet words in her ear. They looked so much in love that I couldn't stand it. I haven't even had a friend who was a boy, let alone a boyfriend.

When they were finally able to let each other go my father faced me. "Come here princess." He outstretched an arm and I walked over to him.

"Welcome home, dad. We've missed you." I said, my words muffled against his chest. My father was away for a few weeks on a mission with the other kings and knights of the other kingdoms. It was a yearly thing but also dangerous because they ventured to the Centre Kingdom. A kingdom which was long deserted and now nothing but wild animals and rogues live there. The royal family which used to live there disappeared without a trace, ever since then it was mandatory for every able-bodied man, or woman, to go and investigate.

The Centre Kingdom was well known for keeping peace between all the other Kingdoms, they made sure that everything was in balance and nothing was out of place. Centre Kingdom, North Kingdom (my family's Kingdom), East Kingdom, West Kingdom, South Kingdom, North-west Kingdom...I think you get my point, all lived in harmony where every kingdom got what they wanted without making any of the other kingdoms feel out of place or under-graded.

Then the earthquake and Black Storm happened 26 years ago.

The earthquake swallowed up the Centre Kingdom and the Black Storm enveloped it in darkness forever. Some say that the Black Storm swallowed up the residents of the Centre Kingdom or the earthquake made them fall to the depths of hell of where they would stay for all eternity. However these rumours were not voiced because the Centre Kingdom were legends, they had the hopes of every single one of us in their hands and they never failed once.

My father, especially, is very keen on finding them and bringing them back to their rein so our Kingdoms can be how they once were.

"Ophelia, Cordelia, I have fantastic news." My father said. He had a wide grin on his face and it looked like he was on the brink of tears.

"What is it, dear?" My mother said.

His smile grew wider as a few tears spilled out. "We've found survivors from the Centre Kingdom."


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