Chapter Seven: The Horrific Homecoming

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"for evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing."
-simon wiesenthal


The next few weeks go by surprisingly quickly, and as the many quizzes and tests come and go, the monotony of high school finally sinks in.

The first day of October arrives in no time, and the ambiance of homecoming becomes imminent as many students talk excitedly about it.  Also, murmurs of Kassidy's Halloween party arise, a party in which she will undoubtedly refuse to invite me or any of my friends to.

It doesn't matter, though.  There are much better things than being near Kassidy for hours at a time.  In fact, everything is better than that.

Whenever Kassidy passes Sylvia and me in the hallways, she glares venomously towards us, to which we both ignore.

As I had predicted during the mile run the first day I returned, January had been swarmed by countless guys attracted to her.  She always dismisses them and walks away, but sometimes Sylvia has to threaten to punch the guys to get them away.

The imminent homecoming begins to fill many conversations, and countless people ask others to go to the dance with them. Kassidy Knowles, not surprisingly, was asked to go with Aurelius Cynder, her boyfriend.

My group of friends doesn't speak about homecoming until the week before the party. I have never gone with a date to homecoming before, so obviously I grew awkward when the conversation of asking people to go with them arose.

"Did anyone ask you to go with them, yet?" Saphiria asks January, who has just arrived from her locker.

"Countless guys," she replies annoyedly. "I declined all of them, except for one."

All of us stare at January earnestly. Adrian and Pyris are still at their lockers, so us girls have the cliche conversation about the dance without them.

"Who is it?" Sylvia asks eagerly.

January silences, and then finally speaks. "Phaedran Aesyph."

She blushes, and in turn, my body stiffens. She's going to homecoming with my brother?!

"Really?" says Saphiria.

"Yeah," answers January. "I really like him. Not romantically, however. We're good friends, that's all. We've talked a lot about Eravale."

I smile at Saphiria, who is undoubtedly thinking of ship names for Phaedran and January.

"Has anyone asked you guys?" asks January, turning the spotlight on us instead of her.

"No," we all reply in unison.

"I'm sure Pyris and Adrian will change that," January says. "It'll be a boring dance if none of you have dates."

Later that day, Pyris pulls me aside before we head to calculus, which we both have together. At first I assume he, being my boyfriend, is going to ask me to the dance, but his conversation starter throws me off guard.

"Are you okay?" he asks, his mesmerizing hazel eyes boring into me.

"Yeah...?" I reply, unsure why he's asking me that.  "Why do you ask?"

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