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"Goodnight baby girl, mommy loves you" Lauren whispered, kissing Camila's forehead before slowly walking out.

She'd finally gotten the girl to sleep, after a small fit about not wanting to have her pull-up changed.

All was fine after Lauren offered to change her bunny as well, and the girl sleepily let herself be cleaned up. Lauren never thought she'd be so grateful for doll diapers, but they were truly proving to be nothing less than a godsend.

She made her way to the office, throwing herself onto her chair and aimlessly spinning around a few times. She couldn't get her head off the situation with her mother, and it had been bothering her since the conversation she had with Robert.

Truth was, she hadn't spoken to the woman in almost 6 months, and had been burying herself in work to avoid doing it.

Of course, her situation with Camila made her nervous, but there were also other things too.

Not only was her mother extremely judgmental, but she was always brutally honest, which made her nervous.

Her mother was never shy about telling her what a bad job she was doing with her company, considering her and her father had owned and run a successful one in their days as well.

They'd been avoiding each other since Lauren's father died, which was when things changed radically between them. Before then, the two women were always close, best friends even. But when her father passed, the older woman drowned herself in work, leaving Lauren with nannies and babysitters for the rest of her childhood.

Things didn't get better when Lauren came out as bisexual in her teenage years, and she always felt as if her mother resented her for 'not being able to keep up the family name.'

Nonetheless, her mother was getting older, as was she. They were both adults now, and Lauren thought it was a good time to talk things out.

Her mother lived a few hours away, and she thought of the possibility of spending a meal together.

Mustering up as much courage as she could, she picked up her phone, checking the time. It was just passed 8:45, and Lauren quickly went to her contacts before she chickened out.

She took a deep breath, clicking on the one labeled 'Clara' before pulling it up to her ear. She kicked her foot at the desk, swiveling the office chair back and forth as she nervously cracked her knuckles.

"Lauren?" Her mother answered, voice loud and firm, just as she remembered it.

"Hi Mom...." she trailed off, letting out a small sigh.

"Did you need something?" Clara asked, getting right to the point.

"Yeah um, I was thinking of maybe getting together soon? We could get together for a weekend maybe? Talk some things out?" Lauren said nervously, biting on her lower lip.

She always told Camila not to do that very thing, but with all the emotions going through her body, she just couldn't help it.

"Okay I guess, I'll check my schedule and see when I'm free, goodbye Lauren" the woman woman said dryly before hanging up the phone.

Lauren tossed the phone onto her desk, putting her feet up and letting out a long sigh. She had no idea how this would play out, and for a second she wondered what in the world had possessed her to even call.

Throwing her head back, Lauren covered her eyes with a tired arm, taking a few deep breaths and trying to push everything out of her mind.

Just as she was slipping into sleep, she heard the door crack open, making her groggily move her arm.

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