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ok the prologue its complete now, the story does not follow the zombe mcreary but he may appear later on the story anyway i really need feedback please comment(you may want to read the other part)

The first shoot went right trough the forehead of the horrible creature, destroying the brain, killing it at the moment, the lifeless body fell to the ground and just like that the second zombie enter the house, the door had been broken and the shelf was on the ground, but still blocking the door, not entirely but yet it gave McREary time enough that each time one of those tried to enter he can put a bullet on their brains, they were not the smartest creatures on earth nor the faster or agile and that was an advantage he was ready to use, one by one the zombies were making a very bizarre welcome rug, made of dead bodies, the blood was making a small river that slowly made its way to the street. McReary had spend the last 10 minutes shooting the hellish monsters, he had spend half the bullets he had, but at the moment he felt safe, he had dispatched every single member on his neighborhood: his best friend Jack that lived across the street was the last one he had killed, he remembered how he used to bring him two cold beers on Sundays, and talk about nothing for hours, but not today, all he had for him today was a bullet on his head, Jack was wearing just some shorts and his sandals which let in evidence the big bite he had on his back and on his chest, blood was still flowing from the chest when he have seen him made his way trough the street, followed then by his older son, Robert, he was more wounded, two fingers were missing on his left hand and a big piece of skin was also missing from his right thigh, blood was pouring from his leg while he made his way to McReary, he had first shoot Robert and then take a long look to his best friend that now was just one more on the countless lines of the undead, with tears on his eyes he killed him, now that he had time to rest and think, he made his way to the streets then he became aware of the hell that was taking place everywhere, similar scenarios as his front door were being taking place on some others house down the street, he could also see how some of the zombies reached their preys and devoured them. Like a lightning he was stroke and he remembered his wife and son that were hiding on his son's closet he quickly run inside and barricaded the door again, this time was a small coffee table and a small couch, once he was sure that the noise of this barricade will be laud enough for him to hear he went to the kitchen, he took some water and juice bottles as well some canned food, he went up stairs and started to yell to his wife

-Mary! Open the door now! You need to get out! I found a better place for you to hide- second latter noises were heard from the other side of the door, once they have opened the door he take them to the attic he lowered the small ladder and took a long log to his family, he knew this was the last time he would ever see them, he kissed his wife goodbye and give a big Hugh to his son, the he handle the food to his wife and told her

- try to stay there as long as you can-now tears on his eyes, he handled a revolver type gun- if anything goes bad, you have two bullets, don't let them turn you in to one of them, don't get bitted, don't let them touch you- then strong noises were heard downstairs, which means they were inside, he quickly ran down and started to shoot the monsters intruders, unfortunately for him he had not seen that the back door was open and little kid of 8 years had made his way to him, she first bite his left arm, he turned very quickly and kicked the boy but that was more than enough time for the others zombies to reach him they started to bite him, then one lucky zombie bitted his main artery and he started to bleed to death, darkness started to fill the room and he filled how he was slowly loosing sensibility from all his body, just before he died he faded for just a few minutes, when he woke up he was different he didn't fell anything he didn't remembered anything all he had in mind was an uncontrollable urge to kill and eat, he was no longer Roger McReary, he was one of them

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