Friday Morning, Your House

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I woke up, rubbing my eyes. Lazily, I kicked off the blanket, and yawned a little. Then I noticed something on my wrist. "What, this?" It was a decorative wrist tattoo with a cursive D on the inside of my wrist. I stared at it, confused. I hadn't gotten a tattoo before, and don't remember getting one recently. I breathe in and out, scared. Then my eyes looked over at my laptop, and the idea appeared before I could push it away. 'What if 'Darkiplier' actually had been here?' I shook my head. Not plausible, but still... NO! That. Is. Not. Possible. And these feelings? Not real.. yeah. Not real...

~time skip brought to you by a drunk Wilford (do. not. ask.)~

I fell back on my bed with a whumph, letting out a sigh. I had finally got all my stuff unpacked, and didn't have too much of a problem with anything. I had also tried to scrub off the tattoo, to no avail. It was a true tattoo. "Now to relax..." I muttered, crossing my arms under my head, closing my eyes. Then I felt the bed sink down to the right, and I snapped my eyes open. The object of my confused emotions was sitting on the edge of the bed. Looking straight at me.


~Dark's POV~ ~in the morning~
I paced around, my thoughts only focused on (Y/N). "How many times has he lapped the room?" I heard Wilford call out, asking Google. "He has just reached 55 laps- 56 laps." Google replied in a robotic monotone.
"That's enough." Wilford walked over and grabbed my arm. "Dark, you've been ignoring us more than usual. What the fuck is on your mind?"
I glared at Wilford, and yanked my arm out of his grip. "None of your business." I growled, then continued pacing. When I had marked her, had I just done the worst or best thing in my
life. God dammit, I don't know!

"What's 'marked' supposed to mean?" Oh, fuck. I turned around to look at Mark, standing at the top of the stairs leading down to his recording room. "Hold up, you marked somebody!?! Who?!" Wilford exclaimed.
"You, fuck you," I pointed to Mark, then looked at Wilford. "Also fuck you, and shut up." Wilford flipped me off, but it was Google that asked. "What's marking? I guess that's the normal name of it. My searches only find connections with dogs and wolves."
Google is more, younger, compared to Wilford and I. So he doesn't know as much about marking, and that bunch of troubles. I turned towards him. "Google, the whole deal with marking is 'sorta' like when alphas 'mark' their omega, (but thank god we don't live in a universe like that), But it means basically that you care for someone, or you don't want others to take him or her away from you. The bad thing is when you mark humans...which is what I exactly did."

One beat of silence.

Yep. Getting out of here. And before Wilford could pin me down, I teleported silently into (Y/N)'s living room. I went into shadow mode, walking with muffled footsteps up to her room. She was lying back on her bed, eyes closed. I went over, and sat on the corner of the bed, and her eyes snapped open, and widened when they saw me.

~Sorry guys that I didn't post this yesterday, I just forgot. I will be honest, I think this is kinda a filler chapter. Give ideas I might use in the future, in dem comments. Like, follow, insert book into library, criticism allowed, all if ya want. Bye y'all!~

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