Chapter 74

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I forgot to mention it in the last chapter guys. Almost everyone, other than one person had opted to read about Aditya first. That made it almost unanimous!

@ArchaDave Don't worry details on Anuj soon!

Shravan's POV.

"What nickname did you give me?" Sumo asked smiling at me and I curbed a desire to strangle Aditya with my bare hands.

I glared at him and he gave me a cheeky grin.

"Um - you already know it?" I said. Damn that came out as a question.

"I do?" she frowned in confusion and I blurted in a rush. "Sumo- That is the name I gave you. You already know it." I tried lamely, giving her a charming smile in my attempt to convince her.

"Oh." She said softly and I almost sighed in relief -almost.

"No no- the one you gave her years before that- when you did not like her much." Pushkar butted in from beside me making me hiss in irritation.

"Exactly! The name Sumo I was not even aware till recently." Aditya put in to make matters worse.

I have the worst possible cousins in the world!

I shot daggers at the two of them with my eyes. Aditya shrugged his shoulders looking amused at my situation.

Pushkar whispered "You also called me - um -potty- with him." He accused pointing his finger at Aditya.

"Only once." I retorted. "Okay- maybe twice." I conceded after a thought.

"Thrice!" Pushkar said fiercely as though that was reason enough for him to put me into this spot.

"So what was that name?" Sumo asked and I gave her a dismayed look.

"He had many to begin with." Aditya said. "Nosey-"

"Nosey?" Sumo asked raising her eyebrows.

"He thought you poked your nose too much in his business and got him in trouble." Aditya said and Pushkar nodded in agreement.

"Like you told everyone at home when he had been punished in school for falling asleep in class." Pushkar said with a laugh obviously remembering when I was made to stand in the corner at home facing the wall because Sumo had told about me getting punished at school.

"Oh that!" Sumo said laughing. "That had been the talk of the school. He had actually fallen down with a crash from his chair while sleeping." She laughed harder. "His classmates said he did not even remember he was in school till the teacher caught him by his ears and pulled him up."

"What?" Aditya let out a bark of laugh. "You never shared these details." He said looking at me and I pouted moodily.

"I was only eight years old." I muttered.

"So you named me Nosey?" Sumo asked but before I could respond Aditya did.

"Then he thought of the name Pesty."

"Because as per him you were the biggest pest in this world and a pain in the as- er pain." Pushkar fumbled the last bit and I groaned inwardly.

How did the topic get so deadly for me?

"You thought I was a pest?" Sumo glared at me.

"One of the reasons could be that you insisted on cutting the birthday cake with him." Pushkar said and I shut my mouth up, knowing saying anything right now would not help me in anyway.

"But we do have our birthdays on the same day!" Sumo protested.

"Yes, but you did not believe in sharing the gifts. You bullied him and took all, at least most of them for yourself." Pushkar grinned.

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