[20] Code Dimension

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Previously on Agents:

   There was only 1 SK left. They put their cold hand over my mouth and held my hands together so I wouldn't get out, then everything turned black.


   I woke up on a really soft bed, weird. The last thing I remember was being captured by a SK, so shouldn't I be in a jail cell or something?

   I tried to get up and look out the window. I was still a little weak, but I think I can manage. I looked out of the window to see thousands of 0s and 1s in neon green and black.

Am I in some sort of binary code dimension? I thought to myself.

"Oh, Jess! You're awake, but you should still rest. When you get sent here, you'll normally get here very weak. Just lie down for now and I'll get you a snack." They told me.


"No, Jess. You should rest. Now, is your favorite still chocolate chip?"

I nodded. "You still remember?"

   They smiled and nodded then left the room. Minutes later they came back with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of warm milk.

"Thanks, ASDF." I said as I bit into one of the cookies.

(I don't feel like revealing who they are yet so if Jess is saying their name it will be replaced with ASDF. Okay? Okay.)

   After I finished the milk and cookies, I noticed a set of clothes on top of the nightstand with a note.

Hey, Jess. You might wanna shower and get changed first, you've been out for about 2 days. If you're ready to, come down and let's catch up.


PS. Don't ask why I have a set of your clothes. I just do, for some reason. Not a yandere tho.

   Well, I wouldn't think that they would be a yandere anyways. I grabbed the clothes, took a shower then changed.

   I slipped on the shoes that I wore yesterday that was laying beside my bed and headed downstairs to see that the entire world was made of binary coding.

"What... the... heck." I gasped.

"Yep. This whole world is just code. It took me a while to get the hang of living here, but it was fine once you get used to it." They told me.

"But what about food? And water?" I question.

"Every month, a crate of food and water is teleported here that lasts the entire month."

"Welp, at least they feed you." I laughed.

"So, Jess, how's life?"

A/N: Heya! Who do you think they are? (Actually someone already guessed it :P) Hope you enjoyed today's chapter.

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