Chapter 8 Guy Trouble

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((You all are Sooooo Cute~^^ I know it isn't Matthew's fault but that's what some brothers would do and think when their little sister gets their heart broken))

You felt better after a few years after getting your heart broken. You was now 16 years old. You still had a crush on Matthew but you knew you had to move on already but it was hard...

Alfred heart raced faster at every attempt to call ____'s number. 'COME ON AL! She's just one phone call away from a date with you!!!' He thought to himself.

Jett sighed to himself looking at his phone 'Wonder if she'll say yes.....' He thought of calling ____ for a long time.

Kiku gulped and was blushing so much thinking of ____'s beautiful face. 'Shourd I carr?' He asked himself.

Arthur was thinking to much about how to ask ____ in the perfect way possible. " her...."he said

Ivan smiled at the pictures he took of ____~. He couldn't wait to ask her out today. "I'm going to call her da~" he told himself.

They all called at the same time. But the line was busy? So they tried calling the ONE person closest too _____ .

You talked with your best friend Felix. You both talked about shoes and clothes like always until he told you.... "Like rumor has it that Matthew broke up with (girl's name)!!!" You smiled brightly "R-really?!?!?!" You both squealed.

Matthias Point of View

I covered my ears and fell to the floor on my knees as ____ squealed like a bennche with her BFFL or However you say it. "God ____ why did you do that?" I asked but all she did was continue to talk with her friend. I shook my head and my phone rang. "Hej?" I answered.

Berwald's Point of View

My phone rang and I answered it 'Ja?"

Emil's Point of View

My phone vibrated I got a text from my friend Kaoru?....

Lukas Point of View

I was reading my favorite novel and my phone goes off. I answered "Hei?"

Tino's Point of View

I was playing with my dog poochi~ when my phone when crazy with texts???

All Point of Views

"A date?! With _____!!!" I dropped my phone in shock. But I agreed to help him win my sister's heart. 'What have I gotten my Little sister into.....' I thought.

You planned to ask Matthew out ASAP!!! You didn't want to lose him again. 'I'm coming Matty~' you smiled to yourself in confident that you won't chicken out.

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