The Festival part 1

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Other the course of the week leading up to the festival, Hanzo has been spotting Melody and her friend everywhere. While he friend laughed at a few things here and there, Melody remained neutral. Her expression forever remained the same.

He couldn't help but wonder why she hardly did anything. Even he smiled at a few things his brother would say to him. Genji is the type of person to love making people smile or laugh.

Then a thought crossed his mind. What if the four of them, the Shimada brothers, Melody and her friend, went for a walk. Maybe that will lighten her spirit.

"Buraza, merodi to kanojo no furinji o sanpo ni tsurete ikou."

"I don't see why not." Genji replies. He takes a moment to pause before adding on. "Any particular reason why?"

"Just to show the girls the better side of Hanamura."

"Of course. Do you have in mind when you would like to do so?"

"How about now?" Hanzo says pointing over to the girls.

Athena had walked away, leaving Sofia to guard Melody. She is curled up into a ball on a bench that's under a cherry blossom tree. The sunlight peaked through its pink petals while the shade shielded her face from the dun rays. She seemed to have drifted off to sleep. Sofia laid beneath the bench, watching as strangers passed by chatting amongst themselves.

From where the brothers are, Hanzo can see the dark circles during under her eyes. She must not get enough sleep, he thinks himself.

Though, Genji watched as Athena comes back, two drinks in hand. She attempts to wake Melody up, but fails. Realizing that she'll have to drag the girl back to the room, she sighs in defeat.

Just as Hanzo and Genji make it over there, Melody wakes up. Stretching, Melody is handed a drink. Genji is the first to speak.

"Kon'nichiwa. My brother and I were introduced to Melody here a few days ago and would like to know if you ladies would like to take a walk with us?" Genji politely asks.

Athena looks to Melody whose petting Sofia. She doesn't act like she's scared or anything.

"Sure. We'd love to. I'm Athena, and you both have met Melody." Athena bowed to the two of them, elbowing Melody in the side. She still refused.

"Are you in town for the Cherry Blossom festival?" Genji asks as they start walking alongside the small river.

"Initially no. We got a deal with Lúcio's producer and manager. Since Mel is such a famous model in two completely different countries, they all thought it would be a great idea to have her help promote Lúcio's performance for such a beloved celebration in Japan." Athena explains.

"That does sound like it would help both sides. Even though they don't technically need it." Genji says. Athena isn't so sure if it's just how he talks or what he says that's most interesting to her.

Though, Melody and Hanzo were behind the two, just listening in to their conversation.

"I believe Lúcio has invited you girls the concert. We could come get you since it will be late when it starts." Hanzo offers.

Athena smiles and agrees.

"We do you girls live?" Genji asks. Athena points to the balcony right above them. The three let's out a chuckle.

"That was a nice walk. I'm actually surprised Mel hadn't ran away yet-" Athena says says as she turns to her friend whose missing from her spot. "Or she could scatter at the last minute. I'm sue she enjoyed it. She's always walking real early in the morning too."

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