Chapter 15 - Sneaky Laurel

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"You," Harry said, pointing towards me, "don't move. You stay here, you got it?"

"Yes, sir." I said, raising my hand to my hand, saluting him just like how a soldier would salute the general.

We were now on the 9th floor of the building that was occupied my Derek's offices and such. The boys, Harry, Tyler and Thayer, all had some meeting with Derek, and because they wouldn't leave me alone at the hotel, they thought it'd be a good idea to bring me along with them. Derek had said that I was not allowed to join the meeting, for whatever reasons he had, though I think it's because the matter that they'll be discussing is me. Or my (what? 1 week) disappearance. Anything relevant to either of the above.

Giving me a not so kind smile, "Ha-ha. Very mature of you, Laurel." He commented.

And all I did was shrug in response.

Observing the boys, I could see that the three of them were looking pretty nervous. Harry was shaking his foot quite uncontrollably, waiting for the floor receptionist to tell the boys that Derek would be ready to see them (as we had been waiting here for half an hour already.) Tyler was tapping on the keyboard of his BlackBerry, most probably texting someone or surfing the internet. And finally, Thayer was just pacing from wall to wall, looking rather, or should I say, very impatient, mumbling things to himself.

"Thayer, chill man. They'll call us in at any moment now. Relax." Harry rolled his eyes at Thayer.

"We've been waiting for 30 minutes! I've got places to be and people to see so if we aren't called in the next five minutes, I'm leaving." He snapped back.

"Places to be and people to see? Don't you mean the hospital and Scarlett?" He snorted.

Looking daggers in Harry's way, Thayer opened his mouth, ready to retort,

"Derek is ready to see the three of you." The 20 year old looking receptionist intervened Thayer. When did she walk over here? Whatever.

"Okay, thanks." Harry said, not really paying any attention to her, "Let's go, guys."

The two boys who were seated, now stood up. "It's about time." Thayer growled.

"Shut up." Harry hit him on the back of his head, before turning to me. "And you, don't move. I'll ask her," he jerked his thumb towards the receptionist, "to keep an eye on you." And with that, the three of them walked down the hallway, and walked into the second room on their left.


Boredom; the state of feeling bored; feeling weary because one Is unoccupied. I am bored. I've been sitting here for a good (no, not really) hour and a half doing nothing but look around. I practically memorized all my surroundings. Like, the right corner's got a water dispenser, and right in front of the elevator we've got the receptionist's table and a couple of offices behind her. And to the left, there's a corridor that's got a fair amount of doors on each side; doors to meeting rooms. And in front of me, we've got a couple of doors, the middle one reading Strictly No One Allowed In Here (authorized staff only). Hmm, I wonder what's in th--

Just as if reading my mind, that receptionist, let's call her Brittany (because, well I don't know, she just looks like one), walked into that room. She came out about 3 minutes later, with a couple of folders in her hand. What's so confidential about folders? Well I wonder what those folders have in them. Hey, I've got an idea...

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