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Mitch swung his leg up in attempt to kick the gun in Scott's hand away but his ankle was grabbed. He steadied his balance and glared at Scott who was pointing the unloaded gun at him.

"You have to be quicker and maintain your balance better." Scott tried to explain and he could see Mitch's other leg coming at him - in the near future -.

"Shut up." Mitch hissed and he spun around, freeing his leg and kicking Scott's hands with the other and stumbling on his balance before he fell on his butt.

Scott grabbed the gun and cocked it, aiming it at Mitch who was on the ground. He pulled the trigger, nothing coming out, though Mitch still flinched. "Don't tell me what to do when you don't even know how to do it yourself. You're having too much confidence in yourself. It gets to your head and you end up failing."

Mitch scoffed and he stood up. "Whatever. Just help me get my balance under control." 

"You're almost there. I learned by hanging upside down from a thin branch." Scott shrugged. 

"I don't need a stupid fucking branch." Mitch undid the wrapping on his hand and tightened it, repeating the process with his other hand before holding them up.

"What's your problem? Why are you being so moody today?" Scott asked and he grabbed Mitch's wrists to keep him still. 

"No reason. Now let me go and just fucking help me." Mitch sneered and he pulled his hands back roughly to let them escape from Scott's deathly grip. 

Scott stared at Mitch before he bent down and grabbed the back of Mitch's legs, then tossed the squirming boy over his shoulder as he walked around the forest he was in. 

"Scott! What the fuck?!" Mitch yelled and he tried twisting his body in Scott's embrace but he failed. 

Scott hummed and he looked around before finding a thick branch, a coil of rope sitting at the trunk of the tree he had lost the day before. He smirked and crouched down before grabbing the coil of rope. With little trouble, he set Mitch on the branch and tied his legs to the branch before pushing Mitch's chest to cause him to bend backwards without hurting his spine and tailbone. 

Mitch crossed his arms and he stared at Scott with a disapproving look. "I think me trying to get my balance under control should have me not having my damn legs tied to the branch. That's cheating." 

Scott walked to stand in front of Mitch, seeing his face red from the awkward oxygen and blood flow to his head. "That's what your worried about?" 

Mitch nodded and watched as Scott walked out of his sight. He felt the ropes being undone on his legs and he tried to sit up. "Wait not yet!" He yelled too late and he lost his hold on the branch, quickly slipping from the tree and falling to the ground. Luckily, the branch wasn't too high up for him to have any serious damage done to him but he groaned in pain as he landed on his back. 

"Let's go. Avi has to be back from hunting by now." Scott recoiled the rope in his hands and stepped over Mitch's body before walking in the direction of the house. 

Mitch turned on his side to watch Scott leave and he sat still for a moment to let his blood and oxygen flow go back to normal before sitting against the tree trunk and placing his hands on his head. 


"Hey, Scott, you're back." Avi waved from where he was kneeled down in front of the spring, washing his kill. He took the kill to a handmade table and started to skin it. "Where's Mitch?" 

Scott shrugged and he tossed the rope under the table and held the kill down as Avi ripped the skin off. "Neat." Scott grabbed the skin and he held it in the air before tossing it on the ground. 

"No, seriously Scott. Where is Mitch at? He usually doesn't like to be in the forest alone, the forest holds some dangerous animals." 

"He's tough." Scott replied and he helped Avi remove the meat and guts off the kill.

Avi gave Scott a confused look but let it slide. 

Later that night, the group - minus a brunette - sat in the spring together and let the warm water seep into their skin and soothe their muscles as they chatted among themselves. 

Cracks of wood sounded deep in the forest making Scott turn his head. The others took notice and they let their chatting die down until it was dead silent in the area. Scott slowly stepped from the spring, grabbing his clean pair of boxers and pulling them over his wet body. He then grabbed his gun that was in his clothes pile and made sure there was bullets in the magazine before creeping towards the woods. 

Another two cracks were heard before Mitch's body appeared from the dark entrance of the woods. Scott's shoulders relaxed and he dropped the gun before walking towards Mitch's body. "Hey, there you are. Are you ok? You've been gone a long time." 

Scott stepped closer and he noticed the cuts and bruises the littered Mitch's arms as well as his torn training gear. "What happened to you?" He whispered. 

Mitch shook his head before taking in reality. "N-N-Nothing." He stuttered greatly and he pushed himself past Scott and the blond noticed the twigs and leaves that were wrapped around Mitch's ankles and he stepped on them - to see if Mitch had improved his balance- making Mitch stumble.

Mitch gasped and he pushed a hand onto the ground below him to attempt to stand right but fell forward, his wrist bending underneath him making him cry in pain. 

"Scott, what the hell?!" Kirstie climbed from the spring and pulled her robe on as she ran to Mitch's side and picked him up. She inspected his hand and wrist, staring at the way the bone poked out more than usual. "Kevin, get over here." 

Kevin rushed over after wrapping a towel around his waist. He dropped to his knees and grabbed Mitch's wrist for himself, his thumb pressing into the joint making Mitch gasp and yank his hand back. He gave Mitch an apologetic look and grabbed his wrist back. "Let me, please." He sighed in relief as Mitch let him as he pleased.

Scott stepped forward and bent down to whisper in Mitch's ear. "If you were going to be gone so long you should've done something progressive instead of wasting your sweet time." He stood back up and took notice that Mitch cowered in Kevin's embrace, glancing towards the others for help. 

"Scott." Jeremy stepped forward and pressed a hand to Scott's chest. "Back off. Let him be." 

Scott looked up at Jeremy before glancing back at Mitch and walking in the house. 

Mitch lowered his head and rested it on Kevin's stomach. He felt tears blur his vision and a few dripped down his face. It didn't take long until he was full on sobbing, curling into a ball and finding warmth in Kevin's embrace. He brought both hands to cover his ears to block out the words everyone attempted to say to soothe him and he cried out as he bent his wrist.  


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