Chapter 27 - Sushi session & after all

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"You idiot!" I yelled, throwing my arms around his neck in a gripping hug. "I fucking missed you."

"How could you not? We have so much to do, so many things to talk are going to die, Norah, absolutely die!"

"You've been straight this entire time and it was just a ploy to watch me change?" I mused.

He wrinkled his nose at me and fake-tossed his imaginary hair with all the sass he could muster. "Ew, don't get too crazy now. We have reservations at Saki in like, 30 minutes, so grab your bags and let's get out of here."

I giggled in excitement and finally let my best friend go, only to turn around and bump straight into Harry Styles, who was holding out the bag I had dropped in the midst of my reunion. Sheepishly grinning, I took the leather duffle and tossed it over my shoulder as he smiled at me.

"So forgetful, Norah." He scolded. I playfully shoved him away, half hoping he would catch my hand and pull me into my chest, and then proceeding to let out a sigh of content when he did. My arms wrapped around his muscular torso that was only covered by a thin, black cotton t-shirt.

"Um, I guess I'll see you soon?" I managed, burying my head into his chest to avoid due contact and awkward goodbyes. His deep chuckles vibrating through my chest only furthered my embarrassment.

"Yes, you will, on Monday. You are going to come over."

"Ask me nicely."

His muscles went taut under my fingers and he released me from his caring hold, all hint of adoration that might have been on his face gone in an instant. I froze and stared up at him in all of my awkward glory, seeing as I was completely unprepared for his mood swing.

"I will see you Monday," He repeated in a slow, strained voice that made me want to hide behind Jace.

Instead, I raised my chin a little bit and tried to match his gaze before giving up and focusing on the small scar above his eyebrow. "Then I'm busy."


"Is it really that hard to fucking ask a questions?"

He narrowed his eyes at me, letting them roam shamelessly up and down my body before stopping on the light purple bruise above my collar bone. His ring-clad hands flitted forward and gently traced over the mark and sent goosebumps prickling down every inch of my body.

"Mine," He mumbled before lifting his hand and tucking it under my chin to keep our gazes steady. "Will you come over on Monday."

I decided to then take advantage of our close proximity and press my lips to his quickly, whispering a soft 'yes' as I pulled away. His eyes lightened and his upper lip twitched in an attempt to hide the smile. The more I was around him, the more I noticed his quirks when he tried to keep a straight face.

His lip would twitch, or his eyes would darken, or his jaw would clench ever so slightly in a way that you would only notice if you were looking for it. And I was constantly admiring his chiselled jawline, so it was easier for me to see.

He gave me one last kiss on the top of my head before sauntering away, one hand already dialling a number and the other grasping a file folder that was thick with printed papers, back into the world of being a CEO. I watched him go with a smile on my face, then turned back to Jace, who was typing away on his iPhone with a slight smirk.

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