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Cario tugged on my hand and let me back down the stairs to find our table. I couldn't take my eyes off him and by the looks of it he was having the same problem. He loved me. This brooding, sarcastic, hot, man loved me. We payed no attention to the bidding that was going on around us. I caught him throwing glances at me from the corner of his eye. I smiled as I felt him draw slow small circles on my hand with the pad of his thumb under the table. 

I looked up surprised when he ripped his hand away from me and became tense. King Darius approached us and towered over us like an eagle circling it's prey. 

"I thought I felt a chill in the air," I remarked gazing up at him boldly. I heard someone choke in surprise at the table and a few gasps from different directions.

Cario's eyes widened and I watched the corner of his lips turn up. When his eyes returned to his father his face became a cold indifferent mask.

Darius gave me a genuine smile that made me falter. Then he turned his attention to Cario.

"Shouldn't you be attending to your guests instead of fawning over the girl like a love sick pup?"

Cario's face split into a defiant grin as he reached for my hand back and gave it a light kiss. Eyes sparkling he raised his eyes to his father and said, "Actually Darius, I just found out that this girl  loves me. So I think I will attend to her right now. I'm sure my guests will survive a few minutes." 

My felt heat creeping up my neck as King Darius and many more eyes look at me in surprise at this revelation. But his face quickly turned from surprise to disgust.

"Is that so?" he scoffed sarcastically. "My poor son. Are you really gonna throw yourself at the first female who proclaims their love for you? You must truly be desperate. Boy! Can't you see? She wants to be Queen. You saw how quickly she forgave you after you betrayed her so easily. Ha! Either she is wit less and has no spine or have you considered the alternative? She wants the attention and power that comes with you."

A few heads turned and were listening but the rest of the room was completely oblivious to us.

My blood was boiling and I was about to explode. I had never imagined the level of pettiness that King Darius just spilled on our laps and I was just about done with it.

"HOW DARE YOU!" I heard in a high shrill voice behind me. Gianna had heard the King's verbal smack down and was pissed.

"Who do you think you are to call my best friend a gold digging spineless whore. Why don't you fuck-" But I cut her off.

"G. Please," I said pleading her with my eyes to back down. She was a fire cracker when it came to defending people she loved and I was touched that I was one of those people. She huffed out a breath as she unclenched her fists. With a nod  at me and one last glare of steel towards the King she turning on her heal and headed to the refreshments table.

King Darius just watched her retreat in amusement and returned his attention to me, eyes filled with hatred. I stood and looked him in the eye. What I was about to say, I needed to be as clear as possible, letting there be no confusion between us. I felt Cario grip my arm and saw his face and watched him shake his head telling me not to bother but I shook him off. I wanted to show Cario that I knew our relationship wouldn't be easy but I would fight like hell for it.

"I know love might be something that confuses you because you have not loved or been loved in your life and for that I pity you. You may think that you intimidated me or put a wedge between me and Cario but we have never been stronger. Like I have stated a MILLION times I have no interest in being Queen. But I love Cario with  everything I am and If being Queen is what is takes to be with him I will happily accept that responsibility. And as for the reason I forgave him that is simple." I looked at Cario and smiled at him softly. I wasn't sure but I think his eyes were wet. It might have been the light tricking me. "You forgive those you love, you cannot have one without the other," I stated gazing into his eyes to find that his were grateful.

Cario stood abruptly breaking the intense eye contact with me. "Father, you have yet to ruin our evening. I want you to leave." He nodded at to human security guards and they approached us. Cario technically didn't have the power to kick him out but with a lasting cruel smile King Darius drifted out of the ignoring his security escorts.


Despite everything that happened the party was not one that I would soon forget and Cario assured me that it was a success. After Darius left Cario went up a last time to make a closing speech and I made sure to say bye to Jamie and Gianna who gave me concerned looks. I assured them I would update them later but right then I was ready to get out of there with Cario. Leaving the podium after the round of applause Cario descended the stairs two at a time, grabbed my arm and muttered, " Let's get up out of this bitch." I grinned at his colorful language and didn't miss the heated look he gave me as we went for the exit.

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