Baby Sitting Pt. 2

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Sasukie's POV

Sasuke walked over to me as he was ticked to no beleif while holding Naruto in his arms while menma wanted to be in the bag "woah what happened to you" I asked " is what happened" he growled as he took off his bookbag and gave to me, so I can hold menma and he was about to give me naruto but he didnt want to let go.

I chuckled softly at him "youve gain so much trust that he doesnt wanna let go how cute" I teased "oh what ever" my twin says as he glared at me while holding his mate close to him while I only slightly laughted at my twins struggles to get the small fox cub off.

"come on kitten I though you wanted to be with your brother" he says gaining naruto's attention as he reached for menma and got into the book bag with his twin.

"alright see you soon bro I'll take care of your....kitten" I said while laughing at the last part of my sentence cause my twin to hit me upside the head but I only kept laughting at him "cute nickname sasu-ouch" I said as I looked down and saw naruto had bit me.

"I think that's his way of saying stop being mean" Sasuke says while I only pouted "alright I'm sorry" I said and looked down at Naruto who was looking up at me blankly.

Sasuke decided to pet Naruto's head earning a soft purr.

"Ok I gotta go now" sasuke says as he walks to his class while I walked to mine though I does suck to have to be in a different class then your brother plus also I dont know what type of schedual Menmen would get im so, terrified right now what if he got into different classes leaving me by myself most of the time I'm already suffering so much and I really wanna appalugize to him for being such a meany to him and hurting him so badly.

Once in class I sat down and looked down at my bag seeing naruto had a stuffed fox in his arms as he purred happily letting me know he was a least happy but menma was the one who scared the devil out of me cause he looked, at me with such cold eyes though he reached his arms up to be picked up so I did what he wanted though I had to put the bag on my lap while I held my mate though he was shaky at first but relaxed after a while and to be honest with you it seemed like he was trying to hug me which was adorable in every single way.

The bell ringed signily the students to get to class as the room filled with laughter and talking.

Menma snuggled his head into my neck and starts to softly purr.

I looked down at him slightly but he started shaking agian as I turned I see Ino stairing right at him as he shyly hid "sasukie what happened to the little guy" she asks "you happened" I mummbled "hmm" she, humed "none of your buisness just leave him allone cause I think your face is gonna give him nightmares" i growled at her "woah there just because your friend menma backed down from a fight like coward than got taken doesnt mean I will do the same thing" Ino says then I glared at her but felt, menma began to shake as I looked down at him and he looked back up at me with fear in his eyes  so I held him close while naruto held on to my jacket "I suggest you take that back" I growled.

"no I wont and you cant make me" Ino says crossing her arms and I was about key word ; about  to hurt her but calmed down for the sake of menma and Naruto.

"shut it andgo back to your boyfriend feak of nature" I said though slightly mumbling the last part of my sentence  cause I wasnt really in the mood and putting stress, homework, babysitting, and stuck up beaches was making me in an ever more bad mood.

I hate when people see my bad side so I calmed down and turned to the teacher leaving a very angery Ino behind me the whole time which I still didnt care about.

I sighed and listened to the teacher talk until menma started whinning so I had to calm him down but he started crying after a while so I turned arount just fast enough to see her sit back in her chair and put her pencil down.

Menma was crying and it was her fault so I had to calm him down but after a while of gentle pats on the bad and soft whispers he calmed down then I put my hand up "yes sasukie" he asked  "Ino is harassing me" I said plainly as the students turned to her and some murmured.

Menma had a tight grip on my shirt as he was soflty shaking but slowly calming down.

"Ms. Ino do I have to escort you to a new seat or the front office" the teacher says as he looks at Ino who slightly blushed and shook her head  than glared at me while I rolled my eyes at her not wanting to deal with her.

Naruto let out a small growl as he looked at Ino but I pet his head earning his attention and looked forward while menma went to sleep.

I love menma so much that I would do anything for him even if it meant to kill.

'waoh were did that come from now im terrified'  I thought as I ran my fingers threw my hair and sighed this is probably gonna be a long class period which means more time to spend with thoughts yay.

I slightly turned my head to see Ino smiling at her phone as she was texting in class and guessing by her smile she was either texting her boyfriend or her friends.

Should I tell on her or no....


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