Thursday Night, Your House

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(A/N, stalker warning... also, when it's 'your' point of view I'm gonna say 'I' instead of 'you'. Just makes more sense.)

I scrolled down through Google Results, trying to find something that wasn't a fan fiction. Once I had left with Katnip from the park, she brought me back home, so that I could unpack. I sorta did. Okay, I'm still using boxes as a table, and my bed is on the ground, but I was really interested in searching up Markiplier, and anything his 'fandom' has made up. Finally, I found a site that seemed helpful. "Fan wika... Alright." I muttered, clicking the link. After the site loaded up, I found myself with loads of info. Then under a section called, Alternate Egos, I found what I needed. I started reading aloud.

"=Alternate Egos=
Although Mark's channel is known for his creative commentary and group collabs, there is another side to his channel, which is mostly supplied by the fandom, and used himself. Mark is believed to have 'alternate personalities', although some people say it's demons in his head. There is many, but a notable three get the most attention:
~Wilford Warfstache

As his name suggests, Darkiplier, or 'Dark' to 99% of the fandom, is the evil side of Markiplier. He has been in the channel for many years, although he's not the 'oldest', per say. Some people portray him as a 'cold-hearted son of a bitch', that in most fanfics, tries to kill Mark, or get free and kill without care. Others portray him as a 'man with ice skin, and no soul, but some heart', (only real times you see that version is in x readers), and then again, every fan has his or her version of him, but mainly is known to be cold, uncaring, and wears a 8-bit 'D' black muscle shirt and grey pants. Recently, with 'A Date With Markiplier', a choose-your-own-adventure, Darkiplier is seen as having a 3-D effect around him, and wearing a business suit.
Wilford Warfstache
Wilford Warfstache, is a senior reporter, that had killed a family, and thought to have killed his own wife and two children. In 'The Warfstache Affair', Warfstache is found with his neighbors wife in bed after the man came home for their anniversary. The man threatened Warfstache, and in self defense, pulled out a pistol and shot the neighbor. The wife tried to get to a phone, and fearing for what would happen if he was caught---" My eyes drooped, making the screen harder to see. "--he shot the wife..." I stopped, and glanced at the time. 12:04pm. Normally, I could still stay up, but with everything that I've done today, I just wanted to sleep now. And I did just that, curling under a blanket on my bed, hugging (name) the (stuffed animal), a old childhood friend I could never leave or give away. With that, I drifted into sleep.
~3rd POV~
The night was silent, a faint breeze blowing through the curtains. Moonlight pooled underneath the window, pure white light. A shadow cut away some of it. He walked carefully to where (Y/N) was sleeping. She looked so peaceful and young, holding her (stuffed animal) close to her. He crouched down next to her, and pulled back one of the hairs in her face. She looked to him, like a 5-year old sleeping after having fun all day. He put two fingers on her wrist, and black smoke wrapped around it. Slowly, it formed into a tattoo of spirals, with a curved, cursive 'D' where his fingers was. He bent down, and kissed her on the forehead, barely touching her skin. His hunger, having gone unnoticed until now, reared up, wanting her, her blood, her soul. He stood up, and walked away.

He would never hurt her. Not now. Never. With that, he dissipated into smoke, and went out the window. Once again, the night was calm. The breeze kept blowing, without a care. And, faintly, a scream of a man could be heard, but was gone in an instant.

~So....who screamed? Would be my question, but also why did he put that tattoo around your wrist? Who knows. Bye y'all!~

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