Chapter Eight

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My mum and I both sat in silence on the drive back home, with her actually driving instead of Henry. The only sound audible was the muffled noise of the radio talk show, they seemed to be discussing global warming or something.

The air held a certain awkwardness that only seemed to be present whenever my mother and I were left alone with each other, specifically in circumstances like this. My therapist, Dr Halle, had told my mother what'd happened. She didn't seem to pleased at my confession but nonetheless left the situation alone and let me sulk in silence.

She cleared her throat, "You're going back to work Katie," I frowned, "pictures of you and Harry at the country club went out and now a sports clothing line wants you to model their clothing,"

"That was literally, just yesterday," I scoffed.

"Well, they liked what they saw. Since Harry's modelled for them before they thought you would do well working with him, since you guys looked so loved up in those pictures," she gave me a small smile.

I sighed, "When?"

"Tomorrow actually. You leave for Greece tonight and will return Tuesday afternoon, I'll be there on Monday to check on you," she turned into our driveway and parked the car, giving the keys to our valet and walking up the steps.

"Why so quickly? I'm missing school for this," I nodded curtly at the doorman and followed my mum into the living room.

"Harry was already scheduled ages ago, you were just added last minute. You modelling for them will give them, and you, more publicity," she explained, fishing her phone out of her purse and tapping furiously on the screen. "Start packing Katie, I've got a meeting to head to, I'll see you at dinner,"

I threw my Michael Kors tote bag over my shoulder as Harry and I advanced towards my private jet, the both of us not uttering a single word to each other. We greeted the pilot once we reached the top of the stairs and sat down, putting our bags away and settling into our seats for the four hour flight we had ahead of us.

"So we're sitting in awkward silence for the whole plane journey yeah?" I turned to face Harry who had a smirk plastered onto his face.

I shrugged, "You haven't given me anything to work with,"

He chuckled and ran a hand through his hair, causing me to swallow as I fought the urge to play with his hair for hours on end. He bit his lip, looking at me up down, practically eye raping me as I shifted uncomfortably underneath his intense stare.

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