Montello High: School of Gangsters Official Soundtracks

Coffeeshop Soundtrack by All Time Low (Chapter 5: Dance with the Gangsters)

As Lovers Go by Dashboard Confessional (Chapter 5: Dance with the Gangsters)

Skinny Love by Birdie (Chapter 11: Dark Fairytale)

It Ends Tonight by All American Rejects (Chapter 11: Dark Fairytale)

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift (Chapter 11: Dark Fairytale)

Not Meant To Be by Theory of a Deadman (Chapter 13: Damsel in Distress)

Untitled Love Song by Counting Crows (Chapter 13: Damsel in Distress)

Scars by Allison Iraheta (Chapter 14: Blood as Red as Fire)

Pretty/Unpretty by Glee Casts (Chapter 14: Blood as Red as Fire)

Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional (Chapter 14: Blood as Red as Fire)

How To Save a Life by The Fray (Chapter 15: Taming a Monster)

Oh Crystal Ball by Keane (Chapter 16: Colder Farewells)

Run for your Life by The Fray (Chapter 17: Shattered Glasses)

Iris by Goo Goo Dolls (Chapter 18: School of Sick Heroes)

Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday (Chapter 18: School of Sick Heroes)

When It Rains by Paramore (Chapter 19: Waging Conflicts with the Gods)

Look after you by The Fray (Chapter 20: Masquerade)

Sober by Kelly Clarkson (Chapter 22: The Elixir of Life)

Conspiracy by Paramore (Chapter 27: Insurgency)

Mercy by One Republic (Chapter 28: Mercy Falls)

Say (All I Need) by One Republic (Chapter 29: Safe and Danger Zone)

Six Degrees of Separation by The Script (Chapter 30: Moving Target)

Give me Love by Ed Sheeran (Chapter 31: When Blood Turns to Poison)

Far Away by Nickelback (Chapter 35: Maximus Brown)

Come Home by One Republic (Chapter 37: For Those Who Were Left Behind, 43: Ground Zero)

So Contagious by Acceptance (Chapter 38: Through the Most Legal Means)

Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles (Chapter 39: To used and To be Used)

Save You by Simple Plan (Chapter 40: Driver’s Seat)

I Can’t Make You Love Me by Adelle/Bamboo version (Chapter 41: Poisoned)

When a Heart Breaks by Ben Rector (Chapter 44: Under the Moonlight)

I Wouldn’t Mind by He is We (Chapter 45: Taking Shots)

Broken by Chris Sligh (Chapter 46: Behind the Mask)

Down by Jason Walker (Chapter 47: Shakespearean Tragedy)

Belong by Cary Brothers (Chapter 48: Farewell, My Romeo)

Youth by Daughter (Chapter 9: Achilles’ Heel)

Shouldn’t be Good in Goodbye by Jason Walker (Chapter 50: A Game of Chess)

Terrible Things by Mayday Parade (Chapter 50: A Game of Chess)

Parting Glass by Ed Sheeran (Epilogue)

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