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I'm liking it so far, next part please! <3 - The_Ginger_Mustache

Chappie 3 - Fan Girls & Kissing Dares *insert le pervertedly suggestive winky face >;)*

ღღღ Niall's Point Of View ღღღ

Now you’re just somebody that I used to know!” Louis yelled from the opposite seat in the limo, I winced.

“Aye, Lou really can’t you try to sing when we aren’t on stage as well as when we’re on it?” I asked and he gave me an incredulous look putting his hand over his heart.

“I so sing amazing when we’re not on stage!” He said in an airy-hurt voice, Harry chuckled and Zayn reached over and patted Louis’ shoulder.

“Please, never use that voice again.”

“What, this one? But you didn’t have to cut me off---” Harry covered his mouth and I burst out laughing.

“Perfect timing there Harry, thanks.” Liam said from the passenger seat and I subdued my guffaws. Harry gave the back of Liam’s head his girl-dazzling smile, something inside of me growled… Must be the Ol’ stomach…

“Why thank you Liam, I do pride myself in my timing.” Harry said in a fancy voice before turning to Louis and frowning. “Am I a popsicle Lou? Do I taste good or something?” Louis gave him a dirty look and tried to talk, all that came out was a muffled garble.

“Well then why are you licking me?” Harry asked with a puzzled face and Louis smacked Harry’s arm away, freeing his face; I couldn’t stop giggling at Harry’s grossed out face as he looked at his saliva coated hand, he wiped it on Louis’ leg and Lou gave him a glare.

“I was hoping that you know since people don’t usually liked to be licked---”

“Liam does!” Harry interrupted and I burst into another laughing fit.

“Stop being a smart ass, now as I was saying people don’t usually like to be licked,” Harry opened his mouth and this time Louis smacked his hand onto Harry’s mouth, Zayn was laughing beside me. “That you would let me go if I --- awe Harold really!? That’s just nast--- Ow!” Louis pulled his hand off of Harry’s mouth with wide eyes. “Bloody hell, you bit me!” Harry stuck out his tongue.

“Whatchya gon’ do about it Tomlinson?” I snorted.

“Harry you really don’t wanna start anything with Lou, he’ll beat you into next year!” I said in a warning tone, although my laughing made it less serious. Harry brushed my warning off and turned in his seat to face Louis, he got right up in his face and glared challengingly.

“Whatchya. Gonna. Do. About. It. Tomlinson?” He asked slowly and everything got quiet. They stayed there staring at each other, challenges glaring in their eyes when… My stomach growled. Everyone’s eyes turned to me and I shrugged my shoulders with a ‘What can ya do?’ face. Liam groaned from the front and turned to look back at me, I gave him a cheeky smile.