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The Tables Have Turned

Chapter 10

I frowned at the math quiz. Mr. Jack just gave us the papers back and I had failed the quiz. One point; that was what I needed to pass.

I sighed as I placed the paper in my bag. I thought that after my first tutoring session I would be able to pass that quiz.

“How much did you get?” Alex asked me and I looked down at my shoes guiltily. He tutored me for two hours yesterday and I failed.

“I didn’t pass,” I mumbled “Sorry.”

When I see the equations, I panic and I end up failing.

“It’s okay,” he said, his voice sounding soft – the same way it sounded yesterday during our tutoring session. “You’ll do better next time.”

“I just… I thought that I was going to do well and you spent two hours helping me yesterday…” I trailed off. He didn’t even want to tutor me!

“You won’t get better after one session only,” he said and I just nodded.

“Hailey,” he said and my heart skipped a beat. Wait, what? What just happened? “You will get better.”

Ignoring my stupid heart, I looked into his blue eyes and smiled.

“I will,” I said, nodding to myself “I will try harder.”

He grinned and his dimples showed.

Mr. Jack stopped our conversation as he started explaining.

I will get better, I thought with determination.


“Hailey,” Emily called as she walked into my room on Saturday afternoon. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I tied my black converse’s shoelace. I stood up and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My blue jeans and black long sleeved shirt were good enough for a movie with my friends.

We’ve been talking all week about watching ‘Titanic’ together and Saturday is finally here. It is going to be very amusing, I though.

Emily suddenly took something out of my drawer and placed it on my head. I looked in the mirror and saw one of my black hair bands with a small ribbon on the right on my head.

I smiled at her and we walked out of the room.

“Chase!” Emily called out as she walked into her brother’s room with me behind her.

“Oh hi,” she then said quietly and I stepped in front of her to see who she was talking to. I saw Paul, Alex, and Josh there.

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