Chapter 12

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I stayed standing in my parkway for a good 10 minutes, just bawling my eyes out. I had never felt this upset. My heart felt as if it were breaking into millions of pieces. And to top it all off, I did not know why. 

Was it because of the look Nathan gave me and I didn't do anything about it? 

I stopped there. I cleaned my tears with the sleeve of my shirt and headed back into my house. 

Ugh I just hope my mom isn't standing there when I open the door...

And to my relief she wasn't. 

I headed upstair to my room and closed the door with lock. I definitely didn't want anyone bothering me tonight.

I laid down on my bed and got my phone, I had completely forgotten that I was texting the girls.

Group Chat

Me: Sorry ya'll something came up and I'm really tired now. Going to sleep. See you guys tomorrow. Night. 

June: Are you okay Addy?

Rachel: We'll see you tomorrow then

Kate: Goodnight bitches X


June: Why are you talking about the show Gossip Girl Leah?

Leah: Omg June that is totally not what I meant.

I laughed a bit at the last messages and put my phone on mute. 

I was really gonna try and sleep how I had told them. Though of course, things don't always go the way you want. I knew that first hand. 

Instead I picked up my phone and went through all my social media. 

It was around 4am when I had finally shut my eyes for good but woke up to my alarm blaring. Though it took me many more snoozes to finally get up and start getting ready. 

I went down to the kitchen and poured myself some cereal but before I could even get a bite, Leah's stupid Volkswagen was in the driveway honking as if there was no tomorrow. 

I made my way outside to at least get her to stop and when she didn't I shouted,  "OMG I CAN HEAR YOU!!!!"

Leah rolled down her window, "HURRY BITCH WE'RE LATE!!!!"

I scoffed, there was no way...I looked down to my phone: 7:59am. My eyes widened. 

"SHIT! LET ME GRAB MY BACKPACK!" I scurried back to my room and out the door in record time. We were sooooooo late. Well that is if we didn't get there by 8:15am, which I really doubted we were. 

I got in the car by 8:01am, yeah guys...that's how fast I ran.

"Haven't you all heard that saying?" Rachel asked.

We all gave her a puzzled look. 

"If you're gonna be late might as well be hella late" she deadpanned. 

"Oooo does that mean we should go eat breakfast?" June pipped in.

I smiled widely, "I like your thinking June bug" I said. 

"Guys sorry to break it to you but I have to give this presentation for my first class" said Leah.

We glared all glared at her. We didn't have a choice since we were in her car after all. 


The most awkward thing about arriving late to class is when you enter and all those prying eyes just stare you down until you take a seat. And omg don't even get me started on the teacher. 

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