Chapter 1

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I laid down on the old, rusty benches, opening a bag of flavoured eggshells. With every crunchy bite, I fancied the wonderful view of the human sky. I've been hanging out here for a while now, which is bad, since I'm not allowed to go here. In fact, no one is. However, no one really guards this place so I took advantage of it. How can I resist such a peaceful place? This is sort-of my happy place, since this is the only place where I can witness the human world.

You see, I don't live in the human world, I live in Nowhere.

Nowhere, the land between the grounds of the earth. No one really knows about this place but us, the guests, the so called inhabitants of this place.

This is The Portal, a.k.a. my favorite place in Nowhere. The Portal is located in a place farthest the heart of Nowhere, abandoned and bleak. This used to be filled with people who wanted a glimpse of the world above, but I don't know what happened. This is kinda like the boundary between Nowhere and the human world. It's "The Portal", can it get anymore obvious?

Only people from Nowhere can see and pass by The Portal. Now it's forbidden for us to pass through. But even if we are still allowed to do so, we still prefer not going up there. The human world is dangerous for us. Usually, if a guest passes through that portal, they never come back. I think that's the reason they forbid us from going up there.

I've never really been anywhere above the Portal, but setting aside the dangers, I hear it's very nice. It's full of flowers, cute animals, humans, amazing sights and other wonderful things. I've always dreamed of going up there, meeting the hu-

"Franceline! Come here this instant, you know you're not allowed to stay there." said Meedle, my guardian.

She was crossing her arms, giving me the signal that I should leave this place immediately. What luck, she caught me. There's nothing she could do, though. Going here is inevitable for me.

I looked up one last time at the Above. I see a grey cloud, It's gonna rain up there, I thought to myself. I rushed to Meedle and held onto her little hand. Then I went on, back to the world I've always known.

Now this is Nowhere. Nowhere is quite different from the human world, or what we usually call "The Above". The sky is always either azure or royal blue, never gray from the rainclouds or yellow orange from the sunset. The buildings are as peculiar as the commonality. The grass is always dark pink; although it turns green when wilting but I still think it's a good color combination.

There are no human beings here, just us guests. Guests are so-called "deformed humans". They are pretty much odd shaped humans. The common forms of guests are extremely tall, extremely fat, too edgy or strangely colourful. But there is only one problem, I do not look like one.

I look completely strange in guest-standards. I look like a normal human being, which is practically as strange as seeing a mermaid crawling on land.

We've finally reached our misleading domicile. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary cardboard box, like the ones they use to package TV sets or washing machines. But in the inside it looks like a beautiful mansion. Meedle said that it would keep the robbers away. Meedle is one smart guardian.

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