Chapter 32 || Jackie From the Block.

It's weird how your life changes from one day to the next. I used to be with people to whom I would entrust my life but now I'm sitting alone on the bleachers in my free period, waiting for the time to pass by. The problem is that I trust more in Marissa's manipulation skills than in my own friends and it's not only that but the sad truth is that I do not believe they trust me implicitly when it comes to Marissa.

The sad thing is that it is partly my fault. If I had acted early, things would have been different and maybe Marissa never would have had the chance to go so far.

In the beginning, my life was full of mediocrity and now ?

Now I made friends with Jessica Weathers who was the designated "school slut" but became the enemy of America's Sweetheart Marissa Monroe. Everything is so twisted and strange.

Kyle wasn't really amused when I told him that I started being friends with Jessica. In fact, he was giving me a ten minute Powerpoint Presentation on why one shouldn't talk to Jessica. I'm not even kidding. The title of this presentation was "Jessica Weathers - You Won't Be Thinking Straight Anymore" with the tiny subtitle "Pun intended".

Not to mention how it is to be in the same room with both of them. They act like an old married couple and always try to outdo each other with some stupid but often funny comments. I have to admit that it's often amusing to watch them, staging their little cat fight.

Eventually, they are the only real friends I have left which I'm really grateful for. This is really harsh to say but Kyle and Jessica have been better friends to me than Paula and Lizzie. I know this sounds really strange because I used to hate Jessica's guts and I have really known her for maybe a week. The same applies to Kyle because I knew him but we have never been so close before.

If I had told anyone that, probably everybody would call me insane but it's true to some extent. Paula and Lizzie have been really great friends to me and I won't ever deny that but there was always something missing. When it comes to Jessica and Kyle I know that they'll have my back no matter what. We are a team, although Jessica and Kyle do have their differences but I know that they like each other deep down in the very back of their heart. It's just a feeling, I know, but I never had this kind of friendship although I've been experiencing this new situation for only a short period of time.

It took me until Marissa's arrival to realise that, when I had the phone call with Paula, telling me they went to a Sushi restaurant without me. There was a click in my head and I had this moment of realisation in which I knew that I may have interpreted more in that friendship than there actually was.

They haven't made the effort to call me or anything as soon as Marissa's entered my life whereas Kyle hasn't left my side since then. Even Jessica didn't.

The thing is that people automatically assume nice people to be the better friends but I had to learn it on the hard way that this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes the harder it is to get to people, the better friends they make because they know that it could be fatal to trust the first person, slandering around the corner. Jessica may not be the best example but I believe everyone did something or has a bad habit they are really not proud of.

Seeing someone as your friend does not necessarily require you to think that they are perfect but more the fact that you are willing to accept their flaws either way. Everyone has a different notion when it comes to different behaviour and not everyone might be okay with your way of living but that's fine because you do not live to please anyone.

I have to say that I am no one really to judge. Of course I am easily annoyed by things like girls who sell themselves short by doing everything to get attention from everyone possible but as I said there are reasons why people act like they act and Jessica is the living proof of that.

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