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Cham in Harajuku, April 2017

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Cham in Harajuku, April 2017

Cham is one of the new-school street fashion kids in Harajuku, with a unique style that mixes up fetish, K-pop influences, and basic black minimalism. He works at the Laforet store Never Mind the XU and has recently launched his own brand called BERCERK which perfectly reflects his aesthetic as described above.

About a month ago, we hung out for a long while, leaning on a railing, while Tokyo Fashion pulled people for snaps at the traffic crossing. In between learning that Cham is a big fan of the anime / manga D. Gray Man, various Never Mind the XU customers would come up to him and sheepishly say hi to him like a true celeb. The guys, for whatever reason, seem to be the real fashion leaders in Harajuku right now...

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