chapter 7

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Sophies POV
"Ummmmmmm," how come he showed up right when she was considering telling edaline. Sophie felt herself get warm, as a small blush swept onto her face. What was she supposed to do? She can't lie to her cognate. "Ummmmmmmm."

"Do you want to go ummmm," Fitz stopped himself before he asked her something. Before he could continue Grady walked over and whispered something to Fitz

"We will be back in one second," Grady said before they disappeared.

"You can tell me now." Edaline spoke as though she already knew the answer.

Sophies voice dropped low enough for Edaline to hear but if somebody would try to eavesdrop than they wouldn't hear her. "Fitz." Soon Edaline wrapped her arms around her and smiled. They were still hugging when Fitz entered with Grady. Grady looked a little unhappy but had a slight smile. Fitz was bright red, and looked very uncomfortable.

"Ummmmm, do you want to go sit outside?" Fitz asked and looked at his hands.

"Sure," She was redder than Fitz now and Sophie really hoped he didn't notice. They walked outside and started to walk toward Calla's tree.

Fitz's POV
How was he gonna ask her? They sat down and he watched as his hands started to shake.

"Are you okay?" Sophie asked with concern written on her face.

"Yes," He started to play with his hands. "I actually have a question for you. Ummmmm," her gorgeous brown eyes looked at him. When he looked at her outfit he realized she was still wearing her Foxfire uniform. "Do you like me?" What a horrible question to ask. She was going to say yes but as a friend and he started to worry about rejection.

Sophies face was red and she looked at her hands. Fitz was starting to wonder why until she spoke." In what way?" At that she turned tomato red and she looked away.

"Like more than a friend," and it was his turn to be red.

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