Chapter Fifty seven

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Yazz and I danced for a while.

"Let's go sit." I proposed.

"Sure. But lemme take a picture of you and send to Lucas. He's been disturbing me to have one."

I laughed.

"Okay, go ahead." I took a pose and she clicked my picture.

We then went to sit at the mini bar to order

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We then went to sit at the mini bar to order. I immediately received a call from Lucas.

"Hello??" I yelled over the music.

"Hello, baby. The pic I just received from Yazz is killing me!"

I laughed out.

"Sicko. I'm not even 'posed to be talking to you." I grumbled, playfully.

"Aaaw please don't bring that back. You know that if that marriage issue didn't come up, I would've been in Washington way before Yasmin."

"Hmmm. You're lucky I know you well."

"I know right. I hope you appear amongst the first five after the auctioning."

"I hope so. I pray for it."

"You deserve it. Let me leave you now so you party in peace. But not too much huh."

I chuckled.


"Bye, Harl."

"Bye Lulu."


The next morning, Yazz, my mother and I sat, contemplating on what was going on in Chicago. The auctioning of course but we wondered and hoped it would go well.

I'd painted Brownsville in it's originality from a sky high point of view. That was my first work and as for my second, I'd painted myself appearing as some Egyptian monarch sitting on the floor, surrounded by fire. I'd put a lot of work in both paintings and I really hoped they would be good enough to be sold at high prices.
Once the auction don't, Kadij had to return two days later to announce the first five and to return to all of us the Money we gained from the paintings. Also, we would all be introduced to the public along with our paintings at the second ceremony. Whether amongst the first five or not.

"When is Kadij to return?" Yazz asked me that afternoon.

"After tomorrow. I'm so anxious." I admitted.

"Oh don't worry, honey. Just relax and don't stress yourself. By the way, you have nothing to lose." My mother said, hugging me tight. Her hugs always made me feel better.

"You're right, momma. I'm just gonna be patient and allow things to work out just the way they're supposed to."

"That's my girl."

Finally! The day arrived when Kadij returned.

We all sat in the huge amphitheatre, waiting for her to come meet us.

After about ten minutes of waiting, Kadij appeared along with her assistant and some lecturers. We clapped and cheered when she appeared. She smiled, amused.

"I see some people are impatient yet happy to hear the information I have."

"YESSSSS!" was the chorused answer.

"Alright then. I'm going to start by congratulating all of you. You're works were so beautiful!"

There were cheers and applause.

"And I have good news too. You all sold perfectly well. The person with the lowest amount from his or her painting earned 30,000$! And the second work was bought at the same price. If the last person has sixty thousand dollars earned, then imagine the rest."

The screaming increased even more. I couldn't believe my ears! Amazing news! No one had nothing to lose!

"All the painting were successfully bought. Congratulations."

Applause again.

"So now lemme read from the first among the first five, to the fifth."

There was silence as we listened attentively.

"First, Nate Halder."

There was a huge round of applause and the Nate himself, jumped up happily.

"Your first painting was sold at a hundred. And the second at thirty five. Congrats."

There were screams of joy for him.

"Second, Gabe Foster." There were some cheers again, "your first painting was sold at a hundred and your second at thirty."

There were cheers again. So far the boys were at the top. I couldn't help it but feel even more anxious.

"Third. Harlem Rahim, and the first girl so far."

When I heard my name, I couldn't believe it until Yazz screamed happily in front of me.

"Your first was at a hundred and the second at 25. A few thousands away from Gabe."

I was so happy! I cheered happily along with Yazz! I'd done it! I was third!

Kadij finished and I realised that I was the only girl amongst the first five! I'd made it to the top! Nothing could explain my joy.

"Okay students, be on your best because in three days time will be the big ceremony. Those amongst the first five, prepare speeches for that day because you will have to climb on stage. I'm happy for all of you. See you Saturday evening. The program will all be given to you. And you can invite who you want. Bye."

"Bbbbyyyeee!" was the joyful reply we gave as she left the room.

"Haaaarrrrllllll! You're third!" Yazz squeaked happily at me.

"I knooooow!"

Oh, I had the good news to share.

I announced to my mother, called Rick, Lucas and James to tell them about it! They were all as shocked yet as happy as I was! Luckily, James was going to be able to make it to the ceremony.

I was more than glad!

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