|Draco Malfoy| "Leave It To A Snape."

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She sat quietly at the table. The rest of Slytherin muttering around her, she placed an elbow on the table, leaning her head on it, her H/C hair fell over it gently swaying. She sighed and glanced around the hall.

The girl was Y/N Snape. Daughter of Severus Snape, an exceptional student in both looks and knowledge. She wore the standard uniform, except she wore a jumper, all the time, Concealing the black mark on her left wrist.

She watched as the scene unraveled, watching as Katie walked in, Harry walking to her, The book she had seen so many times in his hand, her head tilted slightly. Her gaze averted to the bleach blonde boy who walked in. His gaze fixated on her. She looked back at Harry and Katie who now looked in Draco's direction.

Draco turned on his heel and briskly walked out the Great Hall. Y/N continued to watch as Harry followed after him. She narrowed her eyes slightly and took her wand from the table sliding it gently in her pocket. Y/N stood from the bench she sat on, causing the other students to glance at her.  She strolled out the room causing Ron and Hermione to look over.

"Is Y/N okay?" The blonde began. 

Ron shrugged placing another piece of cake in his mouth. Y/N may have been a Slytherin, but she knew how to be friends with most. Hence she was friends with the trio.

Y/N continued to briskly walk down the busy corridor, ducking in between crowds. Her name was spoken a few times between strides. She turned onto a quiet corridor and proceeded towards the boy's bathroom, knowing full well of the consequences if she was to be caught in there. However, she swore to protect the Malfoy boy, not only requested by the Dark Lord himself but also his father who was very persuasive at times, especially when he put her father on the line.

She walked in, water spraying her slim figure, her hair quickly dripping with water. She combed it back and sighed before taking out her wand.

"Mr. Potter... Malfoy?" She called her angelic voice ringing out throughout the bathroom. She continued to stroll around the bathroom, listening as the two males continued to cast spells towards each other. She placed her back against a wall, raising her wand just below her neck. She moved out from her spot.

"Sectumsempra!" Harry yelled. Her gaze averted towards the yell. Her eyes, widening as she was thrown backward into the sinks where water gathered around her bleeding form. Harry's mouth dropped as he began to stroll over quickly.

"Protego!" She cried out. A barrier surrounded her. Harry was taken aback by his sight and tried to help her. She looked towards him.

"Just go..." She wheezed "You've done enough..."

He walked backward and quickly strolled out, Malfoy, on his search for Y/N passed Harry, he was about to run to him but immediately noticed her frail body lying on the floor, a blood red substance mixing with the water pool around her. Her breathing remained unsteady as she panted quietly, her stomach heaving aggressively.

Draco ran to her, gently taking her face into his hands. She smiled faintly before tears dripped down her cheeks.

"It hurts..." She sobbed.

Draco felt a string in his heart snap, he could brace himself being in pain, but watching such a kind soul like Y/N be in pain hurt him. Many people liked Y/N both her looks and her personality. She was loved.

Moments later a black cloak entered the room, Y/Ns father, Severus himself, he knelt next to her calmly and muttered the words.

"Vulnera Sanentur."

She glanced at him and smiled before closing her eyes out of exhaustion. He carefully picked her small figure and walked out the bathroom, his footsteps echoing down the corridor. Students eyes averted towards the three who walked towards the infirmary. Upon arriving, she was placed gently on the bed; nurses rushed to her taking care of her while Draco was ordered out the room by her father.

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