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Chapter 36

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-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V------------

My heartbeat is fast and my eyes are wild. My shirt is drenched in sweat and my throat burns each time I call her name.


I turn to every direction but see no sign of her. I pull at my hair, anxiety setting in. Breathing is becoming more difficult and my legs are aching after running so much.


My throat burns and I find myself tightly holding my neck. The pain is unbearable but not enough to stop me from looking for her.

After Nala ran out, Phillip and Brooke looked over to me. They were confused and so was I. That didn't matter though because I ran out without even thinking. I saw her curly hair from afar but after falling down several times, I lost her. Now I was who knows where without anyone and without knowing where Nala was.

She always did this. She always ran away when things got bad. She always tried to run away, but this time it was different. Before, she would have ran away because she was afraid of what might come but this time, she knew exactly what was going on. She ran away because she thought she had a solution, which scares me. She's smart, but not smart enough to fight whatever might come her way. As much as i'd like to say that I have trust that she'll be okay, I know she won't be.


I scream her name one last time before falling to my knees, my vision failing. My surroundings turn blurry and black spots appear. I try standing up again but fall again, my arms folded below my body. I feel a massive pain in my chest and there is hardly any air going into my lungs. My hands shake and everything turns pitch black.

--------------NALA'S P.O.V-------------

I stand inside his living room, the house silent. He stand in front of me, a small smile still on his bruised face.

His face is still bruised from his last encounter with Bruno but that does not make him any less handsome. His eyes still have that shine I used to be so obsessed and his smile is the same. His hair is a longer, but it just makes him look better. There's a cut by his lip and scars all over his face and arms but he still demonstrates beauty.

My hands start sweating as he walks closer, reminding me why I risked my life by coming here. I came to negotiate, not admire the beauty that caused so many emotions in my heart.

"What brought you here?" He bites his lip as he pulls me closer to him, his hand tightly holding my arm.

I am unable to speak, but quickly recover.

"I know it's you who killed Bill and who's framing Bruno and Phill."

He lets out a short laugh, his grip around my arm tightening.

"What makes you think that?" He stands tall, making me seem much shorter than what I am.

The shaking has gone from just my hands to my arms and legs. I stutter as his eyes land on mine.

"Wh...why did yo..you do it?

Surprisingly, he lets go of my arms and walks a few steps back, his smile long gone.

"He knew too much."

I hold my already bruised arm and quietly gasp as Drew's handprint marks my arm.

"Knew too much about what?" I ask, my left hand gently touching the marked area.

"Oh Nala. You've always been so curious." He smiles again. "Somethings never change." I feel tears form as he slowly removes the few strands of hair from my face.

"I didn't come to talk about past memories." My voice sounds weak. "I came here because of the deal."

"A deal?" He asked, his voice causing goosebumps to form on my body.

"Yes. The deal where you told Bruno that if I came back to you, you would stop blaming Bruno and Phill for all the deaths you did!" My eyes burn, but no tears come out.

He stays silent.

"I'm here now." I whisper.

He looks over at the clock in the back wall and back to me.

"Indeed you are." He crosses his arms. "Guess i'll leave your stupid boy toy and sidekick alone. But I make no promises about tonight." He starts walking away from me.

"What do you mean?" I walk towards him.

"It's already done. Your boy toy can handle one more death. I'm not sure you can though." He hands me a glass of whiskey. "Drink it."

I try to respond, but I choke on the tears that I have been holding in. His height towers me once more and his eyes burn the little courage I had left. I place the glass cup in my lips and drink the alcoholic liquid. My heart beats to the sound of the clock and I have lost control of the movement in my body.

"Welcome back Nala." He takes a sip from his own glass and smiles. I try moving but fail as my vision turns all white. I am unable to speak and my eyes shut close.


"I waited so long for this. Now you're all mine."

A loud scream comes from my lips as I open my eyes, my vision blurry. A gust of wind passes by and I find myself shivering, my whole body freezing. My vision clears and I find myself in a dark room with no windows or source of light.


I try standing up but my body falls to the hard ground, pain coming from my legs. I let out a cry for help as I feel something that seems like a bed sheet. I grab the bed sheet when I feel only another gust of wind, my body shivering. I blink several times as I try to adjust my eyes to the darkness when I spot my clothes a corner. My eyes widened as I feel only my bra and underwear on.

Please no.

I close my eyes and open them again, hoping to find myself in my old apartment or in Bruno's arms but instead I see the painful reality. My eyes can not sustain the tears anymore and soon I find myself in tears, my dignity and hope floating away.

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