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This story is about Asuna and you in SAO unlike the previous one that was taken place in the human world. This is for _Crystal_Plays_. Hope you enjoy.

Asuna's P.O.V.

            Finally, Floor 74. We are so close to floor 100, we can't give up. Kirito and I were towards the back. Being part of the Knights of Blood made us valuable, but there were still people behind us. One of them was right behind me a few steps back. They wore a hood to cover their face and because we aren't friends I couldn't see her name. No one here knew her. She is from a rogue guild.

            From what I've heard she is a healer but also a strong fighter. Someone said she got her skill level so high that she was given the ability to heal others along with herself. I think it all a myth but I guess we will find out. 

            The guards up front pushed open the massive, heavy doors. The room was quiet, silent even. It was dark and cold. There was no sign of any monster. I listened closely and heard what sounded a spider crawling around. 

            I looked up and saw a huge monster, I was about to warn the others when a voice spoke up, "Move! It's above, on the ceiling!" Everyone moved but we sadly still lost some. I looked to see who said that and notice it was the rogue. There were several people injured loosing life fast, and I watched as the rogue jumped back out of the way and cashed some sort of spell and it healed everyone.

           I didn't think that it was true but it was. I jumped at the monster, but it was quick and swung its huge tail at me. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and pulled me away. I thought it was Kirito, but when I went to thank him, it was a girl. Not just any girl though, it was the girl from the rogue guild. She hadn't been hit, but her hood got caught and ended up coming off. She was beautiful. She had (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. She was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. 

          Her fighting was like watching a professional dancer. She was so elegant. She easily helped kill the monster and healed the rest of us. We were all exhausted except for her. Then she simply walked out.

-Your P.O.V.-

           I walked out of the floor's dungeon, but heard quick footsteps following me. They were quiet, but my ears picked them up. I turned around and came face to face with Asuna Yuuki. Everyone knew who she was. She was beautiful with her brown eyes and brownish orange hair. Everyone was after her heart, but she already had someone. That was Kirito. 

          I began to walk away again but was stopped when a notification for a friend request popped up infront of me. I turned back around and saw the Asuna had out her menu and that she was the one who sent it. I was about to hit deny when she held her sword up with an angry look on her face which made me immediately confirm it and we were friends.

         She smiled and look at my name now that she could see it,"So your name is (y/c/n)?" I nodded. She walked over and gave me a hug,"Where do you live?"

         I couldn't believe she was asking this..,"Nowhere". She pulled away and was clearly sad. 

        Then she smiled as is she had an idea, "Come live with me then". Before I could argue she took my arm and dragged me away.

-Time Skip to a few days later- 

        I had been living with Asuna for a few days now. She was really nice and an awesome cook, but since yesterday she has been avoiding me. I had to change my clothes and took my previous ones off. Well, she walked in to see me in my underwear. She stuttered to reply and quickly left. Now she won't talk to me but I have a plan to corner her so she would have to. 

       She was out at the market and would be home at any second. I went and hid in her bedroom. She got home just as I hid behind her door. I heard bags being dropped on the counter and footsteps coming to her room. She walked into her room, lightly humming.

      She soon stopped as I shut the door behind her and walked closer to her,"What's wrong? Tell me. Why are you avoiding me?" She just shook her head. I sighed. She looked down sad then got angry then finally she reached up and kissed me lightly. 

       It soon turned into a passionate, heated kiss as I joined her and kissed her back. Our lips molding together. I pulled away smiling and thought,"I could get used to this".

Sorry I took so long. Hope you enjoy the story.

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